How to Protect Your Eyes in Style

The average office worker spends tens of hours a week staring at screens and dealing with harsh flickering indoor lighting. Because the human eye evolved in an environment devoid of these stressors, many workers find themselves struggling to deal with headaches and sleep problems that result. Even outdoor workers are subject to hazards posed by glare and UV exposure. Though no pair of glasses can substitute for a healthy lifestyle, a good pair of work glasses can help protect your eyes from strain with blue light or polarized sunglasses for men or women.

How To Find Frames That Best Suit Your Needs

The first step toward owning the perfect pair of glasses for work is to find the right frames. Often, work frames represent a delicate balance between style, utility, and personality. Consider your uses before deciding on frames. If, for example, you experience migraines because of light sensitivity, look for frames that block as much of the light entering your eyes as possible. If, on the other hand, you work for a fashionable company and prefer something more fashion-forward, feel free to reach out a bit. Also consider how frames might work with or against the natural shape of your face.

The lenses you choose should depend on your needs. Tinted lenses can help with indoor lights and computer screens, but are unlikely to provide much sun protection. Polarized sunglasses can help with glare, but can also impair your ability to look at LCD displays. For this reason, many wearers like to have both sunglasses and blue light glasses on hand.

How Blue Light Lenses Protect Your Eyes

The human body uses light color to determine when it is appropriate to prepare for sleep. When the levels of ambient blue light become lower, your body produces melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. With the modern prevalence of bright electronics, many people are finding it difficult to sleep at night. Blue light glasses help to preserve the body’s natural production of melatonin. For headache sufferers, a certain light spectrum can be a trigger. Some find that blue light glasses block this spectrum effectively, preventing pain.

How Polarized Sunglasses Help You See

Polarized sunglasses work by blocking light that enters the eyes at a horizontal angle while allowing light in that comes at a vertical angle. This effectively blocks much of the light that gets reflected off of surfaces like lakes, car windshields, and light-colored roadways. Because reflected light is often extremely bright, it can distract you or temporarily blind you, resulting in a potentially dangerous situation. Polarized glasses reduce the overall contrast you see, resulting in clearer overall perception. For certain sporting activities like fishing, polarized lenses are virtual essentials.

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory. With the increased visibility afforded by your men or womens polarized sunglasses, you can stay safe, alert, and active. With the indoor protection of blue light lenses, you can do what you need to do at work without compromising the essential balance of your circadian rhythm.