How to Help Your Child Find Their Fashion Identity

Do you remember trying to find your style? As a teenager, fashion can be an exciting yet terrifying concept as you attempt to find your identity and express yourself without going too against the grain. After all, there are fashion “rules” that teenagers may feel like they have to abide by so that they do not get ridiculed by other children. This is a scary concept to deal with, so avoiding a fashion faux par can be all-consuming for a teenager attempting to discover their fashion sense.

As a parent, however, you have the potential to help your child on their journey to finding their style. While you may not always agree with the clothing they wish to experiment with and wear, you should take a step back and allow them to try new things and build their own identity. 

Wondering how you can help your child find their fashion identity and help build their confidence? Read the following guide.

Be Positive and Help Them Embrace Change

Change can be scary for anyone, but it can be even more so for children and teenagers. Helping them find the confidence to embrace changes to their appearance and style, however, can work wonders for their self-esteem but also allow them to dress how they want to without any worry. Counter any negative thoughts they may have by being positive and encouraging. This is a great way to build their confidence, especially for certain changes in their appearance like wearing new glasses or starting to wear glasses altogether. Plus, this encouragement to help them wear glasses can incentivize them to get into the routine of putting them on each morning. Want more tips on how to make wearing glasses an easy habit for your child? Read the guide at

Allow Them to Experiment

Children and teenagers especially will go through a few phases and stages when it comes to finding their own unique style. While you may not understand each and every one of their phases, it would serve you well to allow them to experiment – even if you personally do not like the clothing they are wearing. If your child also settles on a certain aesthetic, you should also refrain from calling it “a phase”, as this can be quite upsetting and sound as if you do not approve. 

Let Them Dress Themselves

If you have a young child who is now old enough to dress themselves, then allow them to choose their outfit every morning. Not only does this provide them with freedom and become a fun activity, but it also helps them learn to match clothing from a young age. While your child may pair two patterns together that could turn heads, you should allow them to do so and then have them express their creativity. After all, fashion is a fun thing for us all to enjoy.

Help Them Shop Online

Sit down with your child and encourage them to point out clothing that they like the look of and would enjoy wearing. This can be a wholesome and fun activity for you and your child to do together, but it also teaches you their favorite colors and styles, making it easier for you to shop for them later on. What’s more, your child also has the chance to see what clothing options are out there and can learn to express themselves through fashion. There’s also the added benefit of teaching your children how to shop responsibly

Fashion is a huge part of our society, so helping your child find their unique style and embrace it can be an important part of allowing them to find their identity. Remember to be encouraging and positive and that even if you do not like the styles they are choosing, it is your child who will be wearing the clothes, not you.