How to get white teeth that last

Achieving white teeth that last is a common goal for many patients, but it’s not always an easy task. As a dentist or hygienist, you play a crucial role in helping your patients achieve and maintain a bright, healthy smile. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best practices and dental supplies for achieving long-lasting white teeth.

1. Use the Right Dental Supplies

When it comes to whitening teeth, there are a variety of dental supplies available on the market. From whitening toothpastes and gels to in-office whitening treatments, it can be overwhelming to know which products are the best for your patients. However, it’s important to choose dental supplies that have been proven to be safe and effective.

One of the most effective whitening treatments is professional in-office whitening. This treatment involves the use of a bleaching agent, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which is applied to the teeth and activated with a special light or heat source. The process is typically completed in one or two visits to your office and can produce dramatic results.

Another option is at-home whitening trays, which are custom-made to fit your patient’s teeth and are filled with a bleaching gel. This option is great for patients who want to achieve a brighter smile gradually over a longer period of time.

2. Promote Good Oral Hygiene

While dental supplies are an important part of achieving white teeth, it’s important to remember that good oral hygiene is essential for maintaining a healthy smile. This means encouraging your patients to brush and floss regularly, and to use an instrument that can help remove plaque, such as a handpiece or an ultrasonic scaler.

3. Regular Cleanings and Check-ups

Regular cleanings and check-ups are another important aspect of achieving and maintaining white teeth. During these appointments, you can use your handpiece to remove any plaque or tartar that may have built up, as well as assess the overall health of your patient’s teeth and gums. You can also recommend any necessary treatment or dental supplies that may be needed to keep their teeth looking their best.

4. Educate Your Patients

Education is key when it comes to achieving and maintaining white teeth. As a dentist or hygienist, it’s important to educate your patients about the importance of good oral hygiene and the dental supplies that are available to them. This includes explaining the benefits and potential risks of different whitening treatments, as well as providing information on how to properly care for their teeth at home.


Achieving white teeth that last is a goal for many patients, and as a dentist or hygienist, you play an important role in helping them achieve it. By using the right dental supplies, promoting good oral hygiene, providing regular cleanings and check-ups, and educating your patients, you can help them achieve and maintain a bright, healthy smile. With the right approach, you can help your patients achieve the white teeth they desire that will last for a long time.