How to get cryptocurrency for free

It would be great to have someone handing out money to you for nothing, without a job. And it would be even better if it were a currency that could still grow in value. Do you think that to get free coin is just a child’s fantasy? But, after all, if we believe, in the past such popular cryptocurrencies as bitcoin or litecoin really were just handed out to people. Unfortunately, they are no longer being given out, but you can still get them with a minimum of effort. Read by the link to find out how!

Services that give out crypto coins

There are sites and applications, fulfilling the conditions to which you can add funds to your crypto-wallet. The best of them are in this article.


The name speaks for itself.

One of the best ways to get free coins is to use this site and complete tasks that will get you paid. They can be different, depending on the sponsor — take a survey or test an application. The tasks are not that easy, but the rewards are higher than on most other services.

Coinbase Earn

Where have I heard that name, you may ask. Coinbase is one of the most popular trading platforms that offer you courses and learn about cryptocurrencies as advertising. You’ll watch educational slides and at the end, you’ll take a test, at the end of which you’ll be given some coins to test them in person if you pass the test successfully.

It sounds great, but there’s a catch — you need to have a verified Coinbase account, and you also need to check the list of countries where this system is available. But still, if you fit the criteria it is a great way to get free coin.

Brave Rewards

In this case, you have a chance to get some Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), a promising cryptocurrency that plans to grow in value. The way to get it is quite simple — you need the Brave browser, in which you turn on special private ads. You get tokens when you browse websites, and you can store them in your regular wallet. You can spend it on gift cards or send it as a donation to charity.

CoinMarketCap Earn

We’ve seen this before. Yes, yes, the concept is the same as in Coinbase Earn, but there are some differences. There are location restrictions here, too, so don’t get excited beforehand until you’ve checked that your country of residence is on the allowed list. You will also need a KYC-certified (Know Your Customer) Binance account to get coins. The good thing about this service is that the list of coins you can get is much wider. But the disadvantage is that, unlike Coinbase Earn, there are no additional attempts to pass the test. So if your goal is not just to learn some information about cryptocurrency, but also to earn it, watch all videos very carefully (or better — take photos of important slides!) to get your reward.


It gives out its own token — Lunr. To get it, you need to visit the site every day and perform tasks — read news about the world of cryptocurrencies, comment on them, and so on. Not a bad way to get some currency while learning something new.


This way of earning is different from others because here you do not need to perform tasks. But you need to be the first! The essence of airdrop is that the currency is distributed for free for marketing purposes, but to a limited number of people. Sign up for all the useful newsletters on social networks and follow the release of new coins — at any time you can see a post, which will tell you how to get free coins. If you turn out to be fast enough, you can get some.

The main thing — be careful and not fall for the tricks of scammers, follow only the official channels!

Other ways of getting free coins

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ll want to know that you can get free coins just by playing.

There is a whole list of games that use NFT where you can earn tokens. You can explore them and choose the game that’s right for you — strategy, combat, and so on. Some games will require an initial investment, but you can always earn them at the sites mentioned in this article.