How to Dress Up During Pregnancy

One of the most cherished milestones in a woman’s life is pregnancy. The anticipation and excitement of having a new family member can bring happiness to any family. However, before you start designing the nursery or shop for baby clothes, you first need to prepare for your pregnancy journey.

Despite the excitement, it is no secret that pregnancy is hard for soon-to-be mommies. Their body anatomies are changing, and their hormones are raging. If you are pregnant, the best that you can do is make yourself healthy and comfortable. You can start by carefully selecting the clothes you’ll wear during your journey.

When deciding what to wear during pregnancy, keep in mind that you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort or vice versa. Your body is rapidly changing during pregnancy. So, when buying maternity clothes, it is wise to shop once every trimester.

First trimester

Many ladies want to keep their pregnancies under wraps during the first trimester. Fortunately, you can stick to comfortable non-maternity clothing for the first trim. It’s best to avoid wearing clingy or tight clothes that pressure your stomach. Instead, lean towards relaxed and loose shirts, pants, and maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are versatile, so they can be your to-go attire for whatever event you are attending. You may wonder, how to style a maxi dress if you are short. You can easily do so since they cater to different body sizes and types. So, whether you are petite or voluptuous, tall or short, you can effortlessly achieve your work or everyday look without divulging your secret.

Second trimester

After the crucial first three months of pregnancy, your baby bump will become more evident. After that, you’ll feel like you have a new body every few weeks since you gain weight and start to feel and look pregnant. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank for new maternity clothes every week. All you have to do is invest in a few items that you can use throughout your pregnancy. For example, shop for a good pair of maternity leggings, wrap dresses, and comfortable maternity bras. Also, look for clothes you can adjust as your body (especially your belly) grows, like those with ruching, buttons, and tiebacks.

Third trimester

It is easy to feel intimidated by your appearance when you’re further along in your pregnancy. The key is to find ways to still look fashionable and pretty while being comfortable and relaxed. Of course, you probably love wearing your leggings during this time, but you can partner them with cool shirts, jackets, or scarves. Also, try looking for tunics, dress wraps, and empire-waisted maxis that can accommodate your growing belly. To refer back to the first trimester stylings, a maxi dress with pockets affords you space and comfort, but, also, some storage to save you carrying a bag filled with what may be unnecessary items.

During the last few weeks of pregnancy, you might find it challenging to sleep soundly. Invest in comfortable sleepwear or nighties that can double as nursing clothes once your little one arrives.


Pregnancy is challenging, painful, and tiring. However, you can make your journey smoother by ensuring that you feel beautiful and comfortable. Aside from proper rest and a well-balanced diet, your maternity clothes are also crucial to a safe and sound pregnancy.