How to Decorate a T-shirt with Markers

Creativity is something heavenly attitude. If you have creativity inside, then it will be quite easy for you to beautify your surroundings, including a little piece of paper. That is why; we often see that people are working on making a thing very aesthetic. In this article, we are presenting a topic to reveal the ways of beautifying your t-shirts with simple tools like markers. Sometimes, a single sketch can be awesome and aristocratic in looks. So, it is definitely can be crucial to have some arts on your wears.

In this case, we can use some fabric paint markers to decorate our t-shirts. You know what, paint markers can enrich the beauty of your t-shirt. Besides, modern trends, arts, taste, and culture can get space in your wears with a decorative design. Now, in this article, we will present ways of how to decorate t-shirts with markers.

Guidelines to Decorate a T-Shirt with Markers

By following a few steps correctly, you can bring a decorative look on your t-shirt for sure. In this matter, you need useable paint markers according to your choice and a table where you will put and design the fabric t-shirts. Let’s have a look at the following lines to know the ways accurately.

  • Draw a Design: At first, you have to draw a design on your t-shirts. In this case, you can use a pencil or fabric chalk to do so. Besides, a well-skilled designer uses paper to make a drawing frame with paper or foam sheet to ensure the proper scaling. In this way, your desired design will be ready to use.

  • Put on the Table: Now, you have to spread the t-shirt on the table tightly. In this case, you can use a clip to make it tight and straight to the surface. It will help you to ensure the right proportion of the t-shirt gets colored with markers. Besides, the design will put on the t-shirt in a proper way. So, you can make good paintwork.

  • Trace the Design: Now, it is the time to trace the design on your t-shirt which you have made before putting the t-shirt on the table. Here, you can place the drawing frame on the t-shirt or can follow the proper scaling according to the design. In this way, conception will take place on the t-shirt.

  • Cover Some Portion: You have to cover some areas of the t-shirt which part you are not going to paint with markers. You know what; professional designers usually use masking tape to cover some portion of the t-shirts. It will resist your paints from being get engaged with the best parts of the t-shirt.

  • Color the Desired Portion: So, we have come in the stage to color the designed are according to our choice. Here, you should take your desired color markers to paint the decorated portion. In this case, you have to follow the scaling very carefully.

  • Let it Dry: After painting, you have to put the t-shirt to let it dry. In this case, all the masking tape should get removed. Later, you must set the t-shirt in a place where air flows are good, and it will help to dry quickly.

  • Wash and Iron the T-shirt: In the end, the remaining works are very few. You have to give a simple dry wash to make the color get attached to the cloths properly. Later, you should iron the t-shirt, which will increase durability.

Final Thought

On some occasions, we need to have customized t-shirts to wear on and make a great impression. Besides, it enriches the inner feelings of arts and cultural motives. Moreover, as a creative person, you may have a passion for creating new things for yourself or others. On the other hand, it should get marked as an excellent profession for people like you. If you consider any aspects, you will find this job is very lucrative. In this present world, developing new ideas and providing unique designs always get much attention from others. Besides, it arranges a great recognition from a renowned institution. Your satisfaction can be the right inspiration for doing that kind of work at home. You know what; passion is something valuable, and creativity encourages the desire to satisfy your needs based on your choice. Here, t-shirt decoration can be the right path for you.