How to Clean your House like a Professional

From ensuring the health and hygiene of residents and family members to making sure your home is presentable for those times when guests visit or when you come to sell your home, cleaning is an often-dreaded chore which may outsource to a professional company for ease and convenience.

And while bringing in an external cleaning company is a great way to ensure that your house is always in top condition, all year round, knowing the secrets of a professional cleaner can make keeping on top of a mess much easier.

To help keep your home presentable no matter how hard your family tries to get in the way, keep reading for a few insider secrets from the world of a professional cleaner.

Regular cleaning is key

If there’s one tip that virtually every professional cleaner swears by, it’s a pattern of little and often cleaning. Whether it’s cleaning one room or one area of your interior space each day or committing to keeping on top of dirt and dust with weekly hoovering and a deep clean, the more often you clean your home the less it will need.

Not only does this tip help to keep your home in the best and most hygienic condition possible, but it also saves you time and alleviates you from having to commit an entire day to a deep clean every few weeks or months. Not to mention it’s good for your wellbeing and relaxation!

Not all dirt is visible

Just because a surface isn’t obviously dirty, doesn’t mean it doesn’t harbour bacteria, mites, chemicals, and other things that you can’t see but which you certainly don’t want in your home.

Don’t just clean at eye level

It can be tempting to focus on those surfaces which sit at eye level, as they are the ones which you see all day, and which are easiest to reach and clean. However, for those with pets, there can be far more dirt and bacteria than you bargained for at floor level – and we all know how much mess children can make!

When it comes to cleaning, focus on all levels and heights. And remember, clean from the top down – when you dust a higher surface, some of that dust and debris may well fall onto lower levels and furnishings, which can quickly render the time you already spent cleaning those surfaces as completely wasted.

Clean the floors

Sometimes, hoovering is not enough – especially if your home is filled with different floor types and textures. From spillages to dust and dirt, floors can fast become hazardous if they are not kept clean and clear.

Clean under – not just around

One of the most common mistakes we see homeowners and domestic cleaners making is simply cleaning around their furnishings and interior items. In order to achieve a good, deep clean, you need to move your items and pieces of furniture around and get underneath them with the vacuum cleaner and mop. It may take longer, but the end result will be much more satisfying.

Bring in some help

If you are lacking the time, motivation, or ability to clean your home like a professional, then bringing in a professional from outside may well be your best option. We recommend getting a few quotes from local companies to ensure that you get the best price – and try to arrange the cleaning for when most of your family are out, to make your cleaner’s job as easy as possible.

The benefits of a professional-standard clean

So, that’s how to achieve a professional clean in your home. But why is it important? Here are some of the benefits of a professional standard clean:

  • It keeps your home in good condition and well maintained
  • You will be able to spot any problems more quickly and deal with them efficiently – for example, mould or damp
  • It lessens the spread of germs
  • It makes your home a more relaxing and aesthetically pleasing space to spend time in
  • A tidy home equates to a more organised mind and life

Follow these steps in order to ensure you are achieving a clean, tidy, and organised home – with or without professional help.