How to clean gold plated jewellery

In the world, nothing is permanent. Any metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc. change its shape and location over time. But the fastest thing that happens in metal’s things is the colour change over time. Different types of dirt and oils as influencers for color change which you usually see in gold jewellery and gold plated jewellery. When your jewellery exposure to different dirt and oils from your daily used lotions and perfumes over time, your jewellery and your vvs jewellery start to lose lustre and shine. Proper and regular cleaning can help to rescue from it and you can get back your jewellery’s lustre and shine.

Gold jewellery and gold plated jewellery

Gold is a very soft metal that can easily be scratched and make different types of jewellery. In solid gold jewellery, other alloys or metals have been made to increase the hardness and durability of jewellery. The gold plated jewellery is the least expensive and made by a very thin layer of gold adhered to different base metals such as silver, copper, etc. by using chemicals or electricity. The thin layer of gold in gold plated jewellery may be 1/1000 to 3/1000 inch.

Cleaning activity –to keep your gold plated jewellery

Some cleaning activity about to keeping fresh gold plated jewellery is described below:

Wipe your jewellery after every wear

To keep your gold plated jewellery clean, you should wipe down after every wear. You can use the cotton ball of jewellery cloths to remove oils, soil, etc. from your gold plated jewellery. After the wipe, you should allow air dry before storing it.

Rubbing the surface

Rubbing is a simple way to keep your gold plated jewellery shiny. For rubbing purposes, you can use simple jewellery cloths to restore its shine.

Prepare a cleaning solution

You should clean your gold plated jewellery through a cleaning solution if the jewellery doesn’t get dirt free by simple wiping and rubbing. That means you should make a cleaning solution to get the jewellery dirt free and restore its shine. For that purpose, you can use warm water and dishwashing liquid. In a bowl, mix one cup of warm water and two cups of soap solution and make a water-soap cleaning solution.

Soak and clean with a soft brush

After preparing the water-soap cleaning solution, place the gold plated jewellery into the solution, and soak for 10 minutes. Then use a soft brush and clean it properly and get rid of dirt which restores your jewellery shine. You can clean one or two jewellery at the same time to avoid scratching.

Finally rinse, dry, and duff your jewellery

After completing the cleaning activities of your gold plated jewellery, finally, you should rinse it in warm water. Dry the jewellery with soft cloths and duff properly to restore shine

Tips of prevention –to reduce damage

There are many preventive measures that help your gold plated jewellery to keep its lustre and shine as far as a long time and reduce damage. These are:

  • Keep your hand free from lotions, oils, soils, etc. while handling gold plated jewellery.
  • Avoid wearing any rings or bracelets during making acidic food.
  • Avoid wearing gold plated jewellery while swimming in saltwater.
  • Avoid using cosmetics like perfumes, lotions, etc. while wearing gold plated jewellery.

Final words

Before buying any jewellery you may check their quality. To ensure the quality you may buy custom pieces of jewellery from brands like hype unity. You know, prevention is the best way to reduce damage from any difficulties. At first, you should apply different preventive measures for any problem. So, if you want to keep your gold plated jewellery lustre and shiny for a long time, you have to make sure these prevention measures. But finally, if your gold plated jewellery of vvs jewellery start to lose lustre and shine then you can apply this above cleaning procedure to clean your jewellery and keep shiny.