How To Choose Women Summer Dresses By Body Type

Any representative of the fair gender wants to always look stylish and elegant, regardless of the season. Each season is characterized by its own peculiarities of climate and weather. So, in the summer in our country there is usually a sultry heat, so it is very important that the clothes “breathe”, providing an optimal microclimate for the skin and body. There are various female summer outfits that differ in tailoring material, cut, style and design, but how to choose the right model? We offer to consider the features of choosing women’s clothing for summer and the trends of the last season 2022.

Selection Of ASummer Dress According To The Figure

There are a number of generally accepted rules that allow you to choose the right summer women’s dresses. Given the recommendations of experts, you can buy models that can not only emphasize the advantages, but also hide the flaws, which is important for many women.

The Choice Of Models For The Figure “Triangle”

Against the background of wide hips, the top always looks narrow, so girls need to correctly eliminate such disharmony of body proportions. This can be easily done with airy summer dresses that have a loose skirt and bare shoulders. An excellent solution would be the interpretation of the famous Dior new-look style, which can make women “refined flowers”.

Dresses For The “Inverted Triangle”

If you have wide shoulders and narrow hips, then the clothes should distract attention from the voluminous top. In this case, it is better to abandon open shoulders, ruffles, bows and other decor of the upper part, which will only visually make the imbalance of the figure heavier. Dresses with a modest top, medium or long sleeves, a loose fit and a fluffy skirt are ideal for such girls. You can also take a closer look at the basque, which will add the missing volume and make the image more harmonious.

Models For The “Apple”Figure

In such girls, the main volumes of the body are concentrated in the middle part. Often graceful legs and arms are complemented by a heavy body, tummy and large breasts. To hide such figure proportions, ladies often prefer loose tunics with voluminous sleeves without emphasizing the waist. These are good, but not the only options. Such girls can wear summer dresses for women with a high waistline, 3/4 sleeves (to emphasize graceful arms), loose skirts. Such outfits make the silhouettes more harmonious and hide the “problem” zone.

Options For “Rectangle”

Girls who have a slightly defined waist, with approximately the same top and bottom, should choose summer dresses with a low waist, which were popular in the 1930s. Moreover, you can safely experiment with top decor, puffy skirts, bright prints that help create volume in the right areas.

Hourglass Models

It is easiest for owners of a thin waist, voluminous hips and lush breasts to find a suitable dress, inexpensive jeans for women and other clothes. In this case, you can choose among a variety of styles, but fitted models look best.

Matching Holiday Dresses

Summer is the time for tourist travel and constant walks in the fresh air. If you choose a dress for a beach vacation, you can buy summer dresses made of translucent fabrics (especially if you wear beautiful and sophisticated swimsuits) with unimaginable cuts and an open neckline. As for the length, both daring mini and discreet maxi are welcome here.

To complete the beach look, you can use sophisticated jewelry, straw hats, thin-soled sandals or birkenstocks. For evening walks, you can pick up flying maxi dresses that will look harmonious with dangling earrings and sandals.

Light, Loose Models, Sundresses

In addition to the “new bow”, which clearly outlines the waist, dresses of a free cut are popular. Such styles are considered the most advantageous option in terms of convenience in the hot summer. Contrary to controversial opinions, tunics make girls very attractive. The main thing is to prevent the effect of landing on a figure like a “bag”. This problem can be solved by asymmetry (for example, a cascading skirt) and shoes with heels or wedges. It is also desirable to complement the image with various jewelry (pendants on long chains, dangling earrings, etc.), a small bag with a thin long strap.

Sundresses do not go out of fashion either – medium and long summer dresses with short sleeves or without them at all. During the time of Peter I in Russia, such clothes were worn by commoners, and in European countries until the 20th century – by peasant women. Today, fashion has changed somewhat, and sundresses can often be found on the best catwalks in the world. There are two types of these summer dresses:

  • those that can be worn over other clothes: tops, light blouses, thin turtlenecks – sneakers, sandals on a small platform, sandals complement the images;
  • those that are worn separately: such models are best combined with shoes with heels.