How to choose printed dresses correctly?

If you are one of the girls who thinks that summer is the only time of the year when you can wear light clothes and dresses with bright colors and cheerful prints, I must tell you this does not have to be that way. Winter demands more than just dull, dreary clothes. It is the ideal moment to dare to use patterns that give a daring and fun look to our closet.

Here you will find a very complete guide that will help you wear patterned dresses like an expert.

What is your print style?

Among the wide variety of prints, whether subtle or contrasting, animal print, African, gradient, geometric, floral, etc. Which one is your favorite? Choose the pattern that best defines your mood, personality and style. Since that will allow you to feel safe and comfortable when wearing it.

African tribal style

It comes in long or medium dresses (knee level-) and in earth tones, brown and orange. They go perfect with plain accessories in gold and metallic tones. Remember to carry it with wide and smooth bags for a modern and chic touch. It is an excellent option for tall women.

Retro style

Do you remember your 50s retro dress, when the pastel tone was used at its best? Choose a printed dress in vanilla, blue and pink tones, combine them with flats or with knee-high boots and a bag in light and solid tones.

Romantic style

Flower dresses are not just for spring or summer, or exclusively for daytime wear. You just have to keep a few style rules in mind:

The size of the flower or petals must be proportionate to your figure. Example: If you are petite, I recommend small flowers that are very close together, in turn, if you are more voluminous, it is recommended to use medium and close designs that are lost in a single tone.

Use them for evening occasions, the key is in the type of fabric and texture. You can wear patterned dresses for evening events, as long as the fabric is shiny, velvety, or satin. Do not mix accessories that repeat the pattern of the floral design, because it will look very ornate. Opt for smooth and metallic accessories preferably.

The length does matter

Short or long? Printed dresses are an excellent option to highlight your best attributes and inject a vital look into your outfit. The key is in the proportion that they keep both the top and bottom, plus you can find them in strapless, suspenders or even long sleeves.

Short dresses like Rockabilly dresses are practical and comfortable, since you can find them in a straight cut, with or without pockets or in the pure style of the 40’s.

While, the long ones are not very used since they can be a bit uncomfortable due to the excess of the fabric. These types of dresses have their origins in the hippie wave with ethnic and floral prints, which return with a touch of maxi dresses.


When you opt for long dresses, make sure that the length covers your shoes, preferably platform ones. Accessories should be large and eye-catching, always keeping them on the rule one at a time, earrings or bracelet.

What is your favorite design? Here are some options!

Animal Print

It is a fact that this pattern does not go out of style and will continue, so it is very important to learn how to use it. Whenever you choose this type of design, you should pay attention to the fact that the pattern does not make you look short or chubby and as for the tones, opt for the dark ones. The cut of the dress must be sober, following the feminine silhouette, accompanied by a simple makeup, so that the most attractive point of your look is the dress.

Striped or polka dot print

It is a trend that continues to prevail not only in stores but also on fashion catwalks, so opt for this print that evokes classic and sophisticated styles, such as sailor and girlie styles (Lolita type).

Gradient print

This type of print consists in that the print is on one side and the rest of the dress is basically smooth. It is an excellent option to make it easier for you to combine it with accessories, and it also seems that you are wearing two pieces of clothing.

Finally, remember that if you want to make a big impact at your next event, you should stay away from the safest options, which are plain dresses and generally in black. Dare to wear patterned dresses for those formal occasions where the quality of the fabric, type of pattern and colors will make a difference.

The printed dress for special events in the day, should be of light fabrics and with good drape. Avoid dark prints, as they are more suitable for the night, the ivory and pearl color is ideal to obtain a healthy and tanned tone on your skin.