How To Avoid Manuka Oil scams

Manuka oil is a popular and expensive natural remedy that many claim to be a miracle cure for skin and hair problems. However, it can be difficult to find authentic, high-quality Manuka oil because of the many scams floating around. Most of the Manuka oil users in New Zealand are always searching for where to buy manuka oil in the East Cape because they want to make sure that they are getting a genuine product at a reasonable price! In this post, we will share all the details of how you can avoid these scams.

Buy Only From The Manufacturer

In most cases, when you search Manuka, you will find it being sold by third parties. This is a big red flag because the only way to get genuine Manuka oil is from the manufacturers. If you buy from third-party sellers, then there is a high chance that they have mixed other oils with the actual Manuka oil. In New Zealand, the main producers for Manuka are the New Zealand Manuka Group from Gisborne and Natural Solutions from Te Araroa. So when you’re in the market for Manuka oil, you should look out for these brands. However, other companies are also in the business of supplying Manuka oil to the market, which you can also trust to supply you with genuine products.

Check The Price Of The Product On The Official Website Of The Manufacturer

There is a high chance that you might find other sellers on some other e-commerce sites, and they may be offering a lower price than the manufacturer, but again we would advise against buying from these stores because there is a high chance they don’t sell genuine products. So again, before you buy, make sure to check the product’s price on the manufacturer’s official website. If it is too cheap, then there is a high chance it might be a fake product. You should also check the forum discussions to see the feedback of the people who have used this product.

Make Sure The Website Has An SSL Certificate

Many fake websites exist today, so it’s very important that before you give away your credit card details to any website, you make sure that it has an SSL Certificate. You can easily see if a website has an SSL certificate because most browsers show this in green at the top of the address bar when you hover your mouse over it. If you see any Manuka oil website that doesn’t have this, then we would advise you to stay away from it and find one that does.  When we say this, we’re not saying that all websites that have this are genuine, but the chances of them being fake are much less.

Do Your Research on the Manufacturer and Company

Before buying any product online, you must do your research on the company that you are buying from. We suggest that you check out their websites, check out their social media pages, see their customer references and read the feedback they have gathered over the years. If they are not genuine or reliable, then you should avoid dealing with them because you might end up getting scammed or getting a poor-quality product.

Check the Certificate of Analysis

This is available on the official website of the manufacturer, and it is a document which states the batch number, the date of manufacture, the lot number, the country of origin and lot number, the manufacturing process, and so on. The certificate should be issued by an independent laboratory that has acknowledged qualifications in accordance with ISO 17025, and you can always contact the laboratory to confirm this. If a recognized laboratory does not issue it and the manufacturer cannot produce evidence, you should avoid buying from them.

Check Whether The Oil Is Bottled In Facilities Equipped To Handle Essential Oils

Most Manuka oil sold to consumers has been diluted and bottled in factories that are not adequately equipped to handle such products. As such, this leads to contamination and ineffective products. Therefore, to ensure that you are getting authentic Manuka Oil, we advise that whenever you order your oil from a reputable website, it should be bottled and packaged in an environment certified for essential oil bottling. If you happen to see Manuka oil packed in a container that is not certified, then that is a sure sign that it is fake.

Another thing you can do is to check the fill line of the bottle.  When you see that the oil has been filled above the line it is clear evidence of tampering, and therefore chances are that it is not authentic.

Finally, you can easily avoid these scams by doing your research and taking careful note of the above tips; then you will end up getting genuine Manuka oil at a reasonable price. This is because you will be well aware of what to look for, and you will be able to spot a fake product if there is one!