How James Bond’s Style Inspired Generations

Since the release of Dr. No all the way back in 1962, there’s one smooth talking hero who’s been influencing men’s style more than just about any other and that’s James Bond. Ian Fleming’s creation has become synonymous with all that is cool, calm and collected, as well as devilishly handsome. Whether you’re a Bond fan or not, his influence cannot be denied and if you’re into masculine clothing then you’ve probably been influenced by some of his style choices yourself, even if you’ve not realised it. Here we’re going to take a dive into some of the most beloved pieces from his wardrobe, alongside what made them so popular.

Capri Collar Shirt

Heading all the way back to 1974 to the release of The Man With The Golden Gun. This film saw Roger Moore take the role of James Bond and although there were plenty of iconic looks, including some unforgettable karate clothing, perhaps the biggest trend to come from this film was the capri collar shirt. In the 1970s, big pointed collars were already very fashionable, but the low capri collar paired with the white trousers that Bond wore when he visited Hai-Fat were something just a little different. It was during this scene on the now famous James Bond Island that he tried to convince Hai-Fat that he was Scaramanga, by removing the shirt to reveal a faux third nipple. If you’ve not seen the film, then we won’t ruin the ending for you, but whatever the outcome the shirt immediately caught the eye of the public and soon loosely buttoned capri collars were the must have item for summer weather. It wasn’t just during the 70s that the capri collar took off though. Even now, some 50 years later, people are still being inspired by this Bond look. Modern clothing brand Orlebar Brown recently released a 007 collection with their take on this capri collar shirt. It has side adjusting tabs and a subtle Bond embroidery, proving that this look really has stood the test of time.

The Classic Tuxedo

Casino Royale’s tuxedo was classic black with a diamond pointed bow tie

Multiple films featured Bond swaggering into a casino in a sharp tuxedo and although they’ve never totally fallen out of fashion, the tuxedo he wore in Casino Royale sparked the revival of this classic look for good. Black and white is of course de rigueur and the easiest look to pull off for anyone who doesn’t want to stand out too much. The main thing though, is to wear it with a James Bond attitude. There isn’t anyone who can’t help but be impressed by Bond’s cool demeanour and confidence at the poker table. Whilst Bond had all of his casino strategy sorted, which helped him pull off the effortless air of confidence, if you’re planning a tuxedo outing to the casino, then consider putting a little bit of practice in beforehand. Those who have got a group of friends that enjoy poker could play at home in person, or if you’d rather practice solo then you can play online. Asiabet has collated a rundown of the best online casinos with information on the games available, as well as any welcome bonuses that you might be able to make use of. No deposit bonuses are particularly helpful as you can make use of them without any initial outlay. Once you’ve got your strategy sorted, you’ll be able to feel, hopefully, as cool and calm as Bond himself when you walk into your next casino. Plus, if you’re doing it in a full tuxedo you’re bound to turn heads.

The Pea Coat

Daniel Craig took the role of James Bond for the 2012 film Skyfall and whilst, as ever, there were a whole load of fashion moments to be inspired by, the one that captured everybody’s imaginations was the pea coat. This classic look is super easy to wear and flattering for the majority of body types, which makes a change from the outfits that Bond usually wears that require broad shoulders and slim hips. The pea coat can cover a rounder torso easily and it’s a versatile choice that can be worn both Spring and Autumn. In Skyfall the coat was a navy number, made in wool in Portugal and designed by British brand Billy Reid. It is still available to purchase at around $700, but it’s possible to recreate the look for less if you shop vintage. The pea coat has been in fashion for decades, so you should be able to pick one up surprisingly cheaply in thrift stores, or even eBay.