How Casino Movies Influenced the World of Fashion

Casinos are used in movies as opulent and luxurious locations which is how they influence the world of fashion. Movies set in casinos have big-name actors whose attire makes a statement, from dealers through to high-rollers. Casino movies have influenced the world of fashion over time, with casinos evolving into places where you can eat, drink and enjoy live entertainment. Here are how some casino movies have influenced the world of fashion.

The Rat Pack

In the 1960s, the Rat Pack showed off their wealth and glamour. The group included Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, plus Joey Bishop and other women. These were men in suave shirts and suits with slicked-back hair, and women adorned with expensive jewellery and what was then considered glamorous furs.

Sinatra has been part of casino culture for decades, one of the many shining stars that became synonymous with Las Vegas. His distinctive voice still resonates today through tribute shows such as The Rat Pack Is Back as well as on slots as part of online casino games. His were some of the first branded casino games ever made.

Casino, 1995

This stylistic movie was the eighth and final collaboration between Robert De Niro and the director Martin Scorsese. De Niro plays Ace Rothstein in a story based on fact in which Rothstein runs a casino for the mob.  The mob scene of Las Vegas in the 1970s is given a glamorous makeover, with Sharon Stone as Ginger McKenna stealing the show as Rothstein’s former wife. Stone had more than 30 costume changes in a 1970s inspired wardrobe designed by Rita Ryack that included sequined gowns and go-go boots as well as fur coats.

The Great Gatsby, 2013

Starring Tobey Maguire, Leonardo Dicaprio, Carey Mulligan and Joel Edgerton, the Great Gatsby film adaptation included fabulous costume design taking us back to the 1920s that audiences loved. Soon after its release, an increase in sales of fringed clothing together with a rise in requests for women to have hairstyles cut to chin length was noted, with the depiction of the “roaring twenties” as depicted by the movie said to have caused the change.

Goldfinger, 1964

Sean Connery starred as James Bond in Goldfinger, released in 1964. Typically, with Bond movies, the suits worn by Connery were soon replicated and with Bond depicted in the movie as suave in his sharp suits, copies were soon on sale in mainstream fashion as men the world over adopted similarly formal dress to emulate 007. Goldfinger is unusual when it comes to fashion statements in the sense that James Bond replicated his iconic grey three-piece suit in 2006, in the movie Casino Royale.

As casino movies tap into high-fashion across the decades, companies like Moschino and Chanel have been influenced and inspired by casino culture, with innovative and futuristic in designs. World-famous fashion designers such as Michael Kors and Givenchy have showcased casino-themed fashion shows in the last couple of years, even though the dress code in many venues is far more relaxed than that shown in most casino movies. This shows that casino movies still act as an incentive for visitors to dress in style when visiting a casino.