Handmade shoes like adding a touch of class to your outfit

Shoes are one of the most important complements to our outfits. But not only because we need them to be able to walk, but also to add more style. As we all know, there are many different shoes in terms of shape, materials or colours. Each and every one of them makes it possible for us to wear a look that we like and that suits us.

But, what if we tell you that you can choose your handmade shoes? Not only choose them already finished, but also make the selection you want. That is to say, you can personalise your shoes to your liking, and I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a good idea!

Why should we choose handmade shoes?

When you can’t find a shoe model that suits you, it’s a good time to think about handmade shoes. Thanks to handmade shoes, you will be able to wear a unique, personalised and very original shoe. So that no one else will wear it for sure. We know how uncomfortable it is when you arrive at some kind of event and you see how there are two or more people wearing the same shoes as you. Because we like to be unique and so do our clothes and shoes. As this is not always possible, the best thing to do is to let ourselves be carried away by an idea like this one.

What are the advantages of customised shoes?

We have already mentioned one, which is the most important one. You will always wear a pair of shoes with your own style. Something you won’t be able to find in the usual shops.

But there are more advantages that you should know about. What do you think about the touch of class that your outfit needs? You’ll also get it with shoes of this type.

  • You can choose the type of footwear for every occasion. Because going to the office is not the same as going to an evening party. For the first one, you can choose shoes with a medium or low heel, but always dress shoes. Because only with such a finish, we will be giving a more elegant touch to be able to attend the work meetings that we have ahead every day.
  • It has a wide range of possibilities. This means that we can always choose according to the time of day and night. In addition to the type of shoe, we can also say what colour we like best or if it has a print or not.
  • Handmade shoes are of better quality and will last much longer. So be prepared to have them for years to come and to get the most out of them. For all these reasons, this is one of those ideas that you can’t miss out on. Because it has perfect advantages for you and for your pocket.

What type of footwear is there to choose from?

You have all kinds of shoes to choose from, and that’s another advantage. Because not every day is the same and we don’t want to wear the same shoes. Sometimes we’ll opt for high heels when it’s an elegant occasion. While shoes without heels also have their style but are intended for occasions that are not so formal.

Chelsea ankle boots combined with jeans are another of the best and most successful options. In the same look we will get style but also good taste. Now you just have to decide where you are going to wear them, as they can be perfect to go to a concert or to enjoy your leisure time.

When the weather is nice, the best thing for our feet is a pair of moccasins. The reason is simple because they will take care of your feet like never before and they are breathable. This means that we can wear comfortable footwear and feel more at ease.

In other words, all of the above are advantages. Because when we buy a pair of basic shoes we don’t have the option of choosing so many points.

The Oxford shoe is one of the most loved models. Because whenever we wear shoes like this, we will always have style by our side. This means that we can combine them with elegant outfits or with more casual clothes but always in trend. I’m sure you already have in mind how you’d like to wear them! It must be said that they are not only a shoe for men, but for women there are also countless options with heels and laces.

How can I choose my custom handmade shoes?

Now we know everything we need to understand that choosing personalised shoes is one of the best gifts we could have. If you want to take a step forward, we’ll tell you that you can by following these points we’ve mentioned.

First you have to choose a model from all the ones you have in front of you and that we have mentioned throughout these lines. That is to say, boots, mules, oxfords and many others that you have to discover.  When you have the style of your favourite shoe, you will have to continue choosing a model based on its finish, which will be its colour, its print and other decorative details that it may have.

You can customise it from scratch, both on the outside and the colour inside. You will be presented with an endless number of options as a menu. You will scroll through them and click on the one you like the most. It’s very simple and fun! It will be child’s play but you will get a great result. We could not forget that you will also have at your disposal the prices, so that you will be informed at all times of all the details you need.

We have to add the quality of the handmade shoes, the possibility to order them made to measure and the numerous options to customise them. So that the result is a unique and personalised piece. We cannot ask for anything more!