Genshin Impact Cosplays That Will Blow Your Mind

The Genshin Impact craze is growing each day. Millions of fans from across the globe caught up in the frenzy are stocking up on game-related items.

According to Genshin Chronicle, one trend that is increasing rapidly among Genshin Impact fans is cosplay. You may already have seen some famous characters from Genshin Impact come alive in your street or a game convention. You, too, can show your love for the game by getting a cosplay.

In this article, we share seven Genshin Impact cosplays guaranteed to blow your mind away. Let’s dive right in!

Lisa Minci Cosplay

If you want to look and feel sexy, this is the perfect cosplay for you. Lisa Minci is a seductive playable character whose beauty is spellbinding. She is smart, popular and packs a bag of tricks that will surprise you.

Her hat, blonde hair, and gold-seamed dress make her stand out from the rest of the players. You can recreate this look with a few items and a pair of dexterous hands. You can also buy Lisa’s costume from trusted Genshin Impact stores.

Shenhe Cosplay

Shenhe is one of the newest characters in the game. She stands out from the crowd thanks to her tall stature and fair complexion. Her long silvery-white hair blackens at the tip creating an exciting look, while her outfit is sure to have people talking. It is a backless black bodysuit that concludes with gold studs at her middle finger.

Gray seems to be her favorite color going by her cropped top and the coattail-resembling article at the back of the suit. Her accessories include a curved black and white headgear with a red cloverleaf knot and tassel hearings to complete the look. You cannot go unnoticed cosplaying Shenhe.

Thoma Cosplay

Thoma’s popularity in Genshin Impact is down to his role as the chief retainer. His willingness to give a hand without as much thought about what others say about him endears him to players and fans alike.

Thoma’s costume is no doubt stylish and practical. It is a blend of American-style wear with bits of Samurai armor. He rocks a black headband on his head and red earrings on his ears. He wears a decorative biker-like red and black cropped jacket over his shirt.

A pair of eye-catching silver dog tags hang from his neck. He rounds off his look with a pair of Aladdin-like pants and lace-up knee-high boots. Step out and ooze that loyalty vibe with a Thoma Cosplay.

Kazuha Cosplay

Kazuha’s demeanor is polite and astute. The lack of defined duties grants him time for travel and adventure. He is a fan-favorite because of his ability to detect danger and read people. Another hidden talent of his is poetry, something he is rather coy about.

Kazuha’s blonde hair lacks symmetry and pattern, making it all the more interesting. It is the kind of hair that leaves people wondering whether it is intentional or you forgot to make your hair in the morning. He dons a gray kimono under a black coat. He has a pair of red pants decorated in maple leaves and a black sandal to complete the look.

His accessories include a sword, black glove plates, bandage, and a tassel decoration. Cosplaying Kazuha is a fun way of making a statement within your friend’s circle.

Tartaglia Cosplay

Tartaglia dons a simple but exciting costume. First, Tartaglia is a name guaranteed to start conversations. Cosplaying Tartaglia will earn you some stares and attention.

From the top, Tartaglia spots short orange hair and a pair of blue eyes. He has a red mask worn to the side of his head and an earring with a red crystal on his left ear.

Gray is his preferred color going by his unbuttoned jacket meant to reveal a hydro vision belt. His accessories include a red banner and a pair of black gloves.

Ganyu Cosplay

We cannot talk of killer costumes and miss mentioning Ganyu. Ganyu is very likable, which makes her popular with players and fans. She needs no introduction, and neither will you if you cosplay her.

Her pale blue hair is striking and hard to miss. The red horns dangling from the sides of her head are hard to miss. She dons a black bodysuit decorated with gold accents and a bodice running from her chest to mid-body. She also wears a pair of separated gray and blue sleeves on her arms and other accessories.

Dottore Cosplay

You can be among the first people to cosplay a character who is yet to be added to the game with a Dottore cosplay. Dottore is one of the bad guys. Bad guys tend to leave a mark and linger longer in our memories. I mean, many people would quickly identify Thanos than they would Hawkeye despite them being in the same film.

Dottore has this mean look that is synonymous with villains. His eyes are red, skin pale, and hair blue. He wears a black and white mask that covers his face apart from the right side of his mouth. He rocks a clowny-official look.

He dons a white suit coat over a white shirt dress and a gray pin-striped vest. He wears a pair of black pants and a pink bow tie to crown his look. Dottore’s cosplay is simple to pull but is guaranteed to turn heads.


There you have it; seven Genshin Impact cosplays that will make you the talk of town. Grab yourself a costume because the Genshin Impact cosplay craze has just begun!