Gambling Etiquette for Land-Based and Online Casinos

Most of the world has shifted from brick and mortar to online casinos where etiquette is not too big of a deal. However, if you find yourself in a location-based gambling house, you have to know some subtle dos and don’ts. Some of these pointers apply to gaming sites as well when playing Wildlife slots, for example or in live casinos:

Understand the Gameplay

Most experienced gamblers do not appreciate having sessions slowed down because you are a newbie that does not understand how the gameplay procedure is conducted. This issue is not a big deal when dealing with slot machines since they are one-player games even in land-based casinos. Therefore, you can take your time to understand how the simple procedure is undertaken. Table games, on the other hand, have several gamblers involved, and most of them appreciate everyone knowing the rules before taking a seat. The same case applies to live dealer gambling clubs.

With the prevalence of online casino games, there is no excuse not to knowing how to play a set. Most games feature free and real money web versions that you can play at the comfort of your own speed until you grasp the basics. If you want to play in a brick and mortar casino, choose a table without any players, and ask the dealer to take things slow. You can also watch as seasoned gamblers are playing the game, but do it from a distance to avoid disrupting the session.

Dress Accordingly

Once you trust that you understand the gameplay procedure of your favourite games, educate yourself on the dress code of the casino you have your eye on. Many gaming destinations do not have a specific one and will admit any lad from those in suits to those in Hawaii shirts and sandals. In others, however, the best that can get you through the door is a formal fit. Check with the casino before heading out to avoid the inconvenience of being turned away at the door.

Keep Your Phone Away

This rule applies to location-based casinos since interactions with the device can be a distraction to others. Firstly, most establishments do not take kindly to having photos taken on the gambling floor. Therefore, avoid getting a stun warning from the casino staff or having your gadget confiscated until you leave the destination. Aside from not taking photos, it is also advisable to turn off your mobile. In most cases, the croupier is obligated to ask you to do so when you seat at the table. With your phone off, you avoid interfering with gaming sessions if the phone rings or you have to answer a call. If you have to answer a call, step away from the table until you are done. 

Introduce Yourself

Once you are confident in your gameplay skills, proceed to the table of your choice and introduce yourself to the gamblers seated around it. This step is not necessary for live casinos, but you can go ahead and do it nonetheless. Keep the greetings as light and brief as possible. For instance, you can stop at just telling your name. Include other details like your hometown or occupation upon request.

Ask to Join the Table

If the gameplay is already in session, it would be rude to join a table without first asking. Usually, the introduction of a new player mid-gameplay means an extra hand that can affect the results. This means that some players can be negatively affected by the outcome. Therefore, even if a table can still accommodate additional players, it is always nice to ask. If your request is accepted, do not place your bets immediately. Instead, wait for the current hand to be played and finished before putting out your stakes. 

Keep yourself informed on casino policy since some gambling establishments restrict gamblers from joining tables where gameplay has already started, especially in games like poker that could drag on for long. In such cases, watch from a distance and request to join once you see a new shuffle.

Avoid Touchy Topics

Conversation in social games like blackjack and poker is allowed, and it is supported using live chat in most online casinos. These conversations are encouraged when they are small talk and only scratch the surface of what most people would be comfortable with such as the weather, occupation, elements of the gambling den, and one’s hometown. Avoid topics that would disrupt gameplay by putting others on edge or brewing uncomfortable situations such as politics and religion. Keep in mind that people are there to have fun and not have the foundations of their livelihood investigated or questioned.

Do Not Ask for the Dealer’s Advice

Croupiers are expected to be polite to players at the table, but keep in mind that they are professionals that do not want the luck of gamblers in their hands. Therefore, do not ask them for advice on how to play. Dealers tend to avoid advising players because they have no idea whether one will be calm and rational if they lose or if they will throw a fit. The only exception to this rule is when playing Pai Gow Poker, where punters are allowed to ask the croupier the House Way.

Pay Attention to Playing Chips

This pointer applies especially in brick and mortar casinos where one has to purchase chips before going on to place bets. In online casinos, deposited funds are automatically changed back and forth between cash and chips. In land-based establishments, the chips have to be purchased either at the table or any other casino area. You can never hand money to the croupier when placing wagers. Dealers have to wait until you tap out of a game before exchanging your chips for cash. Even though different casinos have varying chip designs, their colours are used as standard markers to identify their value, and they are as follows:

  • White chips – a dollar
  • Red chips – 5 dollars
  • Green chips – 25 dollars
  • Blue chips – 50 dollars
  • Black chips – 100 dollars

Before purchasing the chips, look at the signs on the table that indicate the bet limits. The last thing you want is to hand the dealer a five-dollar chip in a game whose minimum stake is ten dollars. Use your buy-in, which is the amount you intend to spend, to determine the chip values to get. If you plan on using 100 dollars, purchase white and red chips. If you are using 1000 dollars, get red chips valued at 100 dollars and distribute the rest over the other values. Despite the wager amount being used, it is recommended to have several white chips valued anywhere between ten and twenty dollars. When leaving the table, if you have a lot of chips, you can choose to colour up. This means that you exchange the low-value chips for higher ones to avoid carrying so many when heading on to your next game.

Understand the Placement of Bets

Understand the Placement of Bets

When playing games like blackjack, where there are several ways to play a hand, understand how to convey to the dealer the action you want to take. Remember that it can get loud inside a casino, and the last thing you want is to have your play misinterpreted. For instance, when playing in land-based casinos, verbal commands have to be accompanied by hand signals as well, including:

  • When you want them to hit, tap on the face-up cards
  • If you want to double, place chips of the same value as your original wager and hold up one finger
  • Repeat the same action to split, but this time, use two fingers.

Know When to Touch Cards

In any table or card game, the cards are dealt one of two ways; they can either be face-up or face-down. If the cards are face-down, you can touch them to see their value, but do it with only one hand. Be gentle as you flip them since you do not want to tear or fold them during the process. If the cards are face-up, do not touch them. Just inspect their value visually and proceed with gameplay. Such measures are put in place to prevent cheating. Some gamblers have been known to crease the ends of specific cards to give them an edge over the house in subsequent rounds. Do not be surprised if the croupier reprimands you for being too rough with the cards or touching them with both hands.

Maintain Your Cool

Casino games are meant to be fun and entertaining, and a lot of times, this involves taking losses. When you encounter a downswing, be gracious in your defeat. Do not go into a flying rage, blaming others for your losses. Keep the outbursts to yourself and try your luck again. Keeping your cool is also advisable when playing online since having a level head makes it easier to make sound decisions for future rounds.

In Brief

Some location-based and online gambling destinations may have additional terms that gamblers have to abide by to enjoy their services. Ensure that you pay attention to them to avoid being kicked out of the establishments.