Fun tricks and hacks to make your own Lipsticks at home

What is that one cosmetic product that most of us can’t do without? One thing most  girls are crazy about are Lipsticks!! Some of us cannot step out of our houses without our best lipsticks. You feel sick and want to look better, what would you do? Put on your best lipstick! We all have heard of the rhyme that goes ‘Dimple chin, rosy lips’, right? Every woman has her personal favorite. Let’s admit we’ve all gone lipstick hunting and spent hours trying on various shades to know what suits us the best. Imagine if you make your own lipstick and also of a color of your choice. Make your own lipstick with a list of ingredients that you can find in your kitchen. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

How to make your own lipstick?

Since we girls love to experiment with our lipstick shades, choose a combination of crayons. Depending on how light, dark or bright you want your lipstick to be, choose a few crayons. Don’t worry if you don’t get the color right. You can always alter the shade by adding in more crayons of your choice. One thing you need to bear in mind is that the colors you’ve chosen must add up to one full crayon.

Now add some shea butter. You can add up to half a teaspoon of shea butter. After this step choose any oil of your choice. It could be almond oil, jojoba oil or even olive oil. Add the oil and shea butter in equal proportion. So add around half a teaspoon of the oil you have chosen. The shea butter and the oil will help keep your lips hydrated.

The next step would be to melt this mixture. Make sure you melt the mixture on low flame, you don’t want to burn the mixture. Keep stirring the mixture using a ladle. Go ahead and add some essential oil to keep the lipstick scented. If you like your lipstick matte then, you’re done. You have your lipstick! However, for those of you who like it glossy and shiny can add some glitter to the melted lipstick before it cools off and hardens. And you’re done! Make sure you remember to take off your lipstick at the end of the day. Less is more, so do not go overboard and apply multiple coats of your lipstick.

Why DIY lipsticks?

Most of us prefer buying lipsticks from the market or shop from online sites. Since lipsticks directly go on your lips, there are chances of you swallowing some lipstick on your lips. Although this is not intentional it could happen. Lipsticks are known to have a composition of harmful metals like cadmium, magnesium and chromium in them. Needless to mention that these have an adverse effect on your organs.

Lipsticks present in the market have another major con. They also contain petrochemicals and lead. Petrochemicals are obtained from natural gas and crude oil. Can you even imagine the damage these petrochemicals can cause if they enter the human body? They have the ability to diminish or stop growth and development of the body. They can severely damage the endocrine system. We all know how consumption of lead even in small quantities is proved to be fatal. Lead is a neurotoxic metal. It is known to affect the central nervous system and the brain. It can cause other problems like infertility and is known to impair the hormonal balance.

It does not end here. These lipsticks also contain some carcinogenic chemicals. Yes, these can cause cancer. Bismuth Oxychloride and parabens are the carcinogenic chemicals present in lipsticks. Adding to this is the pigmentation problems that these lipsticks cause. They lead to darkening of lips and dryness. Some of these chemicals act as preservatives and hence have to be added.

If you make your own lipsticks, you can see what problems you can avoid. You don’t have to add preservatives. Just make your lipsticks in small quantities. It is not that DIY lipsticks aren’t absolutely harmful but at least you can ensure yourself that they aren’t as harmful as the ones available in the market. However, since you can make them on your own you can avoid many harmful chemicals. When you purchase crayons to make your lipsticks do not compromise on the quality. I hope by now you all have understood the importance of the quality of lipsticks you use and in case you use ready-made crayon lipsticks do not compromise on the brands you choose.

Crayon Lipsticks Over Regular Lipsticks

Since we have already concluded that DIY lipsticks are better than the ones found in the market, let us see why crayon lipsticks are better than matte lipsticks or regular lipsticks.

Crayon lipsticks are better because:

  • Crayon lipsticks keep your lips hydrated. They combat chapped lips and moisturize the lips. Matte lipsticks fail to do this.
  • Easy Usage: Lip crayons are easy to apply on lips. They give good coverage on your lips. They work well on fine lines. Crayon lipsticks are smoother to apply as compared to matte lipsticks. Crayon lipsticks spread easily over the lips.
  • Crayon Lipsticks are a true game changer. They come in a variety of shades, especially pop colors that girls popularly prefer today. When you make your crayon lipstick at home choose bright vibrant colors to make a bold shade of lipstick.
  • Crayon Lipsticks are a time-saver. This adds to how easy they are  to apply. Matte lipsticks require you to line your lips with a lipliner of a shade close to the shade of the lipstick. Crayon lipsticks help avoid this step. You can sharpen your crayon lipsticks and use the same to define your lips and later fill in the space.
  • Crayon Lipsticks are an extended version of chapsticks and they add to your glam look.

Go ahead and make your own lipsticks. This could be a good utilization of time for those of you who are bored. If you are a lipstick lover then you can find this activity to be therapeutic.