FR Clothes – What you need to know?

As we all know, every profession comes with its own kind of hazards, be it mental or physical. And every single professional should be well prepared and well equipped to protect themselves from these hazards.

One of the extreme hazards exists for people who come in physical contact with fire frequently or are likely to encounter fire like firemen, people working in the army and air force. One way to escape such a hazard is by using FR clothes.

FR clothing stands for both fire resistant and fire retardant clothing. Everyone using such clothing must be aware of certain things. Let’s discuss in details about FR clothes.

Clarify the Difference between Fire Resistant and Fire Retardant

Fire-resistant materials are those, which have the capability to self extinguish naturally. But the fire-retardant materials are those, which are chemically treated to imitate almost all the properties of fire-resistant fibers.

Professions that Require FR Clothes

While professionals like firemen or air force pilots go to work, they are usually provided with work safety manuals beforehand. But still, they should get the specific safety measures clear with the supervisors. This may include the scenarios they probably are going to face and the measures to face each of them.

Choosing the Materials

There is an array of options when it comes to choosing the materials for FR clothing like Kevlar, Nomex, Modacrylic, etc. Since the users will be having a more or less clear idea about the scenarios they may face, they need to choose the materials wisely.

For example, if there are more instances of fire, then Nomex will be okay, but if there is even the slightest chance of electrical arc, then Kevlar will be the only choice.

What to Wear Under the FR Clothing

There is a big misconception about cotton being a non-flammable fabric. So the fiber to choose for wearing under the FR clothes has to be something that is non-flammable and a proper insulator so as to minimize any possible chances of skin burn.

This, in turn, helps the person to buy more time to escape from flash fire or similar instances. But if there is any kind of electrical arc, just these safety measures will not be sufficient. One has to be quick enough to escape.

Where to Buy From

There are a lot of places to buy FR clothes from. Several websites or even a lot of industrial equipment sellers sell FR clothing. But it is usually advised that the workers should go with the sellers recommended by the supervisors or the employers, as they are supposed to have a better experience with this stuff.

Deciding the Price

Now, this can be somewhat confusing, as some materials that suit the scenario they face, can be expensive. In contrast, the less expensive materials may not be sufficient enough to save them under certain circumstances.

Usually, what the experts advice is to go with such materials that will be protecting the user from these hazards properly and not the cost of the material. But, as it is pretty clear that the buyers may belong to different financial strata, so these pieces of advice cannot be imposed.

Wrapping Up

So FR clothing is one of the most important parts of work when it comes to hazardous jobs as mentioned earlier. And of course, no compromises should be made while choosing the clothing materials.

Every single user should be well aware of the scenarios they’re going to face beforehand and should be well guided so that they may be quick enough to escape. After all, this can be a matter of life and death.