Floristry is the Truest Language of Love

In the simplest possible terms, floristry is the art of growing, arranging, and trading flowers. But floristry is much more than that; it is also the art of caring, handling, and setting floral designs. Simultaneously, horticulture threatens flowers from the point of view of growing flowers and keeping them healthy and fresh for as long as possible. Floristry is about harmony.

Wreaths, bouquets, and many other designs are the words of the florists’ language. They will use both cut flowers, herbs, grasses, or even dried plants to make a composition. In other words, floristry is the truest language of love, whether it is the love of florists for the flowers or their customer for that special one.


Horticulture means the cultivation of yards or gardens. Its primary concern is how to grow flowers, fruits, and other ornamental plants in the most efficient and long-lasting way. In this aspect, it is somewhat similar to agriculture, but the result of horticulture is aesthetic. It tries to develop techniques of creating and preserving an environment for the sake of pleasure.

Horticulture is focused on cultivation, whether it is of shrubs, trees, flowers, or turfs. At the same time, floristry uses some of its products to create a different kind of experience.


Floristics is a branch of phytogeography. It is a science branch that studies the geographical distribution of all plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, spices, and all other plants. It analyzes which natural phenomena influence plant distribution and spread in various climatic regions and what environmental factors propagate or stem it. It also studies the relationship between different plant species, how they impact each other, and what influences their relationships.

Floristry also does concern with the relationship between different plant species, with their aesthetical relationship. Which flowers match with each other, how they combine and create new shapes and patterns.


Using various types of cut flowers and many other plant-sourced materials, they create floral designs and arrangements. Many of these designs have particular social functions, usually to express some emotion as bouquets and corsages are gifted as a sign of affection, while wreaths are an expression of mourning and remembrance.

But also, they create floral designs that serve to enrich our living space. When combining various elements in their designs, florists are primarily led by the rules of aesthetics.

Florists use flowers to tell a story or create a message of some emotion. They arrange cut flowers in shapes and patterns aesthetically pleasing and speak more than words can.