Facts about fashion at the university

Key things you need to know about college fashion

In high school, you have probably worn a look-alike uniform that was boring even with all the accessories you could add. Now when you are a college student, you have the freedom to choose your style, clothes, and other stuff to express your individuality. Of course, you should also think about such crucial things as studies, because many students are puzzled with the question «Who can do my homework online?» rather than «What do I wear today?». However, the fashion aspect is as important as there even exists a special box like «no uniform» when it comes to choosing a college. 

The basics of college outfits

In college, you have to deal with many challenges: how to make some cash, where to get help with accounting homework, and what to wear every day. The campus is the perfect option to demonstrate and show off with your fashionable looks and express your identity. During the college period, you should find your personal style to become a more confident person and not to feel pressed with the peers` judgments. Here are the top basic facts you should know about college fashion:

1. When you don`t know what to wear, wear dresses

This is the ultimate outfit for girls when they don`t have time to come up with a definite look. If you choose between jeans and an oversized shirt and a dress, always choose a dress. They are comfortable, simple, elegant, and always look great. Add some accessories, and you are good to go;

2. This is all about shoes

Did you know that a pair of shoes can either complement or ruin your whole look? If you appreciate comfort, wear snickers or flats and stay away from high heels. They won`t hurt your feet, and you will feel well after a long day on campus. Black and light colors will match any look. However, if you’re unsure, be glad you don’t have to follow the fashions of the past.

3. Mix colors

Not every student can be proud of knowing the art of colors. The general rule is, if you like wearing shirts, sneakers, jeans, whatever, get some in different colors and mix them all the time to create new looks. In college (especially in spring and summer) you will look awesome in some bright tones combined with shorts or snickers of another color;

4. Never forget accessories

From the cool hat to the bag, every look should be complemented with the right accessories to make it feel new, different and adorable;

5. If you don`t know what to add, add layers

Adding it to any outfit can make it look more interesting. Wearing a checkered shirt over a T-shirt, such as an UC shirt, or a coat over a dress is a classic option. Variations are endless and allow you to change your style without buying new clothes;

6. Patterns are fine for combining

Even if you are not sure, give it a try because college is the exact time when you can do experiments with your look and don`t feel bad about it. For example, you can mix a simple yellow dress with a polka dot hat or contrast striped jeans with a polka dot T-shirt. You never know what great look may be born from these combinations.

The most popular elements of clothes in college are T-shirts, sneakers, cardigans, hats, and jeans. There is no college look without a cool or funny T-shirt, a pair of black torn jeans and some great snickers. Break the rules, don`t be shy to experiment and express yourself the way you like, now or never.