Facts About Amanda Bynes

A star who went from fame one day to being suddenly disregarded. Here are some facts about Amanda Bynes, following her social media posts highlighting that the star is still relevant today. These facts range from interesting aspects of her life, from mental health, movies, and film, to fashion.

1. Hairspray is Not just for her Hair

Hairspray is a 2007 musical movie that Amanda starred in, alongside John Travolta, Zac Efron, and Christopher Walken, among other big names. The film was a massive success at the box office, hitting $203.5 million, and was a hit worldwide.¬†One of the most memorable hit songs is “Good Morning Baltimore.”

This adds to a collection of films we can term Amanda Movies as the star also features in big hits like “She’s the Man” and “Easy A” amongst many others. Amanda was also to star in Hairspray 2 until the film was canceled.

2. Launched Her Own Fashion Company

In 2007, the same year as Hairspray came out, Amanda launched her own fashion brand called “DEAR by Amanda Bynes.” It provided clothing for juniors but unfortunately went bankrupt.

However, as part of getting her life back on track, she’s enrolledat the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in 2014, with the aim of being ordained with an Associate’s of Arts degree in Merchandise Product and then a Bachelor’s degree.

Bynes has plans in the future to continue as a fashion designer once she completes her current studies.

3. She Won “Favorite Actress”

Amanda won “Favorite Actress” at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards many times. She was very much loved and was incredibly popular – every time that she was nominated for an award, she won it. In fact, she won this awardfour years in a row. In this time, she also won various other awards, including the Kids’ Choice Awards USA too.

4. Her Last Film Appearance was “Easy A”

Her very last film appearance was “Easy A” in 2010. This featured notable names such as Lisa Kudrow and Emma Stone. This is a teen romantic comedy and is currently available on Netflix. The box office hit $75 million, making this a big hit film. However, after this film, Bynes took to Twitter to announce her retirement from acting as she no longer loved it.

Although, despite this announcement, her Tweets to follow suggested that maybe she would not be retiring after all. Indeed, she announced that she was “unretiring” before deleting her Twitter feed completely. Yet, many years later, this still remains the last film she starred in.

5. She is a Mental Health Advocate

Amanda struggled with her own mental health, but in 2020, Teen Vogue highlighted that she suffers from social anxiety. Amanda made an Instagram post opening up to her followers about her issues. She underlines the fact that she has had a hard time but has come out to the other end and is getting her life together once again.

It is becoming more and more common for celebrities to open up about their mental health, but it also means that it creates a space not only for the public to relate but also so that they can also open up about their own struggles.


These are just some of the exciting facts concerning Amanda Bynes, and when it comes to fashion, despite her line going bankrupt, there will be a lot more to see of her in the future. Watch for this star to become a fashion designer in just a few years. Although she may have retired from acting, her time in fashion has not finished.