Expert Tips for Taking Care of Curly Hair

Curly hair is something to be admired and many people fawn over. It is hard to argue why people are so jealous, the bouncy little curls are incredibly gorgeous and it takes a lot of work for naturally straight-haired people to achieve that kind of look to it.

If you are one of the lucky people to have that natural curl to your hair, you definitely need to know some tips on how to keep better care of it. It is not hard to do, but it is important that you maintain it with absolute precision. Here are some useful tips in caring for curly hair.

Use the Right Straightener and Iron

An essential part of any hair care arsenal is a good straightener or iron, but curly hair has some different rules. As mentioned by the people from, curly hair can be difficult to straighten out. You need to use a specific hair straightening tool for curly hair that has specific settings to help protect your locks. You should also be really gentle and slow with your strokes to keep yourself from burning any strands too.

Properly Shampoo It

Shampooing and conditioning are important, but you need to do it right for curly hair. Curly hair can sometimes require you to shampoo or condition only every few days, around 3 a week, so you do not dry it out and damage it with chemicals. While it might feel uncomfortable at first, it will keep the natural oils in. Similarly, gently rub in a small amount around the scalp and ends and smoothly caress it through for maximum effect. This small part of your hair care routine can play a huge role in long term hair health. Good shampoos should have a solid amount of proteins and nutrients that will stimulate your hair growth and keep the scalp in good condition.

Improve Your Brushing Techniques

There are typically people who bemoan brushing curly hair and it is understandable, but if you cannot do without it, you will be fine. Just like hair straightening, you need to brush with better care. Instead of strong and long brushes, you want to get little strokes starting a few inches above the ends of your hair. From there, you can simply continue upwards towards the base of your scalp. Be gentle, but brushing curly hair can be totally fine if you treat it gently.

Improve Your Brushing Techniques

Avoid Too Much Heat

Heat is incredibly damaging for hair if you use too much, for this reason, you need to be more careful. Hair straighteners, irons, and blow dryers are the biggest culprits of heat damage, but you also really like to use them. The solution is to tone it down a notch. It might take you a little longer to dry your hair, but it also will not dry it out and cause breakage and loss of oils. You should also focus on using cold water as it is much healthier in a general sense because it will keep your luster. Without too much heat, you can expect to keep those beautiful curls looking fresh.

Trim the Tips of Your Hair

Split ends are the worst, and any hairstyle will be privy to this, but curly hair deals with it just as bad. Fixing your hair tips is very easy, you simply have to trim them every so often. Around 6-8 weeks is a good time as it allows them to grow back in a healthy manner. When you trim it, make sure to use hair oils to keep the ends moisturized and receiving the nutrients it needs to come back just as strong as before.

Maintain Hair Integrity During Sleep

Some people swear by hair masks when they sleep, but you can find easier solutions. A good one that will allow you to keep your hair from getting damaged or affected during sleep is by tying it up in a tall bun or ponytail. This keeps friction between the pillow and your hair to a minimum, but you can go even further by using soft silk or satin material to reduce friction even more.

Curly hair is enviable, it is hard to deny that, but with great quality comes a lot of work. Maintaining the hair care you need to maintain those bouncy curls means going the extra step to ensure that your hair is as healthy as it can be at all times. Using some of these useful tips, you will notice your curly hair will remain perfect.