Essential Things You Need to Know Regarding Liquor Distilleries

Liquor is arguably the most popular drink among the adult population. Not only can it be enjoyed by itself, but it can also serve as an essential component of almost every mixed drink. Knowing the different liquor types can give an individual a better understanding of the best ways to consume a particular drink.

Despite the popularity of liquors, most individuals do not know how they are made or where they are created. A distillery is an establishment wherein liquors are produced. Below are some essential information about distilleries.

What Exactly Are Distilleries?

Since breweries and distilleries both make alcoholic drinks and beverages, most people use the terms interchangeably or sometimes get confused by them. The difference between the two lies in the process they use to make alcohol.

According to an article by The Brewing HQ, breweries produce alcohol by steeping malted grains in high-temperature water to extract starch and produce a sweet liquid. This sweet liquid then undergoes fermentation using yeast. On the other hand, distilleries produce alcohol by purifying a particular liquid through heating and cooling processes.

How is Liquor Made in Distilleries?

Liquors come in different forms and flavours, resulting from the different processes done in a distillery. But in general, most liquors start as a fermented ingredient that goes through a distillation process.

To create liquor, distilleries start by fermenting sugars into alcohol and then remove excess water through distillation. This process leads to a higher alcohol concentration, explaining why most liquors have a high Alcohol By Volume (ABV).

What are the Categories of Liquor Produced in Distilleries?

Alcohol is then aged into wooden barrels to develop flavour and colour over time, which leads to different alcoholic drinks. Here are some of the liquors produced in distilleries:

Whiskey. This liquor is made from distilling beer or from fermented grain mash. Various grains are used in creating whiskey, which includes barley, corn, wheat, and rye. This liquor is typically aged in wooden barrels made from white oak.

Vodka. This liquor is a clear, distilled alcoholic beverage that is primarily composed of water and ethanol. It was traditionally made by distilling liquid from fermented cereal grains, while some distillers use potatoes as substitutes. Modern distilleries have recently started using other botanical ingredients in producing vodkas, such as fruits, maple sap, and honey.

Gin. This liquor is made from neutral grains, such as barley, wheat, and corn. Generally, gin products are not aged, which make them clear like vodka. However, some distilleries infuse gin with other components, such as cinnamon, berries, and other botanical ingredients.

Liqueur. A liqueur is simply a liquor that has added flavours and sweeteners. Typically, fruits and herbs are used to add flavour to a liqueur. This liquor is used to enhance the taste of a mixed drink to remove hard liquors’ strong flavour.

Distilleries are significant places because of the alcohol products that they create. Some distilleries even offer tour and tasting events, which gives individuals that opportunity to immerse themselves in the art of making cocktails and different alcoholic drinks.

Check out a reputable distillery today and learn more about distilling processes, such as grain selection, fermentation, botanical selection, and maturation. Also, if you want to buy modern liquor products, make sure that you only buy from reliable sellers to get authentic and high-quality products.

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