Enhance your bathroom’s appearance with LED lights

On average, a person spends a great amount of time in their bathroom. Since many people get dressed for parties and work in the bathroom, they need to have the best lighting in this part of the house. To enhance your bathroom you have a great choose like shower screens.

When you head to the bathroom the first thing in the morning, you want to have a good LED mirror to look at yourself before you leave for work. You wash up then get dressed, and even do your hair and makeup here. So, if you want to take your bathroom experience to the next level, we have a few tips for you.

Where do you need lights to have the best quality of image reflection?

Where do you need lights to have the best quality of image reflection

The best thing about good bathroom lighting is its ability to adjust whether it’s for getting ready to kick start the day or for winding down at night after a rough day. The lighting always has to be bright enough so that it can entertain all activities that you may want to carry out in the vanity as well as the shower area.

It’s always a good idea to install symmetrical lighting that is positioned along the walls as compared to having a single fixture overhead. This is best determined by the layout of each bathroom, which explains best the addition of these elements.

If you are looking to achieve a full balance in your bathroom’s lighting design, try to go for layering of lights. This means that switching between activities will give you the liberty to adjust the lighting by just flicking a switch. Another way to incorporate customization in your lighting manners is to use dimmer switches.

The vanity table in your bathroom requires incredible lighting because it helps you finish up a variety of tasks that include plucking your eyebrows, inserting or removing contact lenses, getting rid of splinters, styling your hair, and the most important, applying makeup.

To have the best quality of image reflection, make sure that your vanity is well-lit. It has to be commendable around the vanity area so that your efforts are reduced massively. If you want to optimize your vanity lighting, make sure to target concerned areas and pick those lighting systems that suit your bathroom’s layout.

LED backlit mirror vs LED wall mirror: Outshine your face

LED backlit mirror vs LED wall mirror Outshine your face

There are many different techniques that you can use to integrate LED lighting onto your bathroom mirror to help you achieve the category of lighting functionality that you desire. Here, we would like to point out backlighting which is often a very popular and resourceful choice that fulfills a variety of needs for several people.

When we talk about backlit mirrors, they are illuminated freely. They do not need any attached wires or cords. A backlit LED Mirror does two things. It lets you see more easily and it enhances the tiny details on your face that may have gone unnoticed otherwise if you are using regular sources of light.

A variety of backlit LED mirrors work when you touch them once or swipe your hand to switch them on and off. It tends to add more functionality to your bathroom space by letting you work with both hands instead of switching it on and off manually.

LED backlit mirror vs LED wall mirror Outshine your face 2

LED lights with a wall mirror are also a common and hassle-free add-on to your bathroom’s lighting system. You can add a mirror LED light into your bathroom’s space, which will open up various opportunities for you to utilize your space much better.

Having an LED mirror with lights can let you mount or prop it up which will become an efficient source of lighting for you. Wall mirrors with LED lights are a decent choice when it comes to picking different mirror sizes for your bathroom space.

A great benefit of using an LED mirror with lights is that it is cost effective and decreases your electricity bills. The switch from incandescent to LED lighting is huge when it comes to energy saving solutions.

Daylights vs Nightlights in bathroom

Daylights vs Nightlights in bathroom

Before adjusting the lighting system, pay close attention to the natural light in the bathroom so you know how to fully exploit the bathroom design. Try to use natural light as much as you can because it will provide you with great exceptional advantages, such as,

  • Maintaining the circadian rhythm of your body and adjusting sleep/wake cycles
  • Boosting the production of vitamin D for better bone health
  • Helping to keep up the health of your eyes, to prevent nearsightedness
  • Enhancing serotonin production for good moods
  • Reduce energy consumption and bills
  • Making you feel more productive

If you have enough natural light, it also aids in making the bathroom space feel more open and spacious which creates an ideal space for resting and rejuvenating your body. It can lower the cost you would otherwise spend on lighting the bathroom during the daytime. Moreover, when you have an increased amount of natural light, the growth of mold and mildew is lessened.

When it comes to nightlight in the bathroom, you have to make sure that the lighting is ample to help you get ready for late-night runs. If you have to flip on the normal lights during the middle of the nighttime hours, it can disturb the circadian rhythms of your body. In turn, you will find it tough to get rest before the next day.

Layering lights may help but it does not ensure that your nighttime bathroom trips will remain undisrupted. Thus, if you want to optimize the night lights in your bathroom, observe the following.

  • Install dimmer switches on the ambient lights
  • Put motion-activated night lights in your hallways and bathroom
  • Make use of LED tape lighting beneath the vanity cabinet
  • Place independent low-light fixtures that work with motion-activated switches