Coolest Fashion Innovations

The world of fashion is glamorous, gripping, and awe-inspiring to say the least. One might not be especially interested in this glitzy industry, but we’re all concerned about our look and style to some extent. This is why it should be interesting to look at the various fashion innovations that can revolutionize our wardrobes.

Thanks to technological advancements and growing environmental concerns, fashion has become more eco-friendly and functional than ever. Check out some of the coolest innovations that are changing the fashion industry today:

3-D Printed Fashion

The amazing 3D printer can create many cool items, which include construction items, industrial materials, medical tools, food, and even apparel. The 3D printer thus allows a designer’s out-of-this-world ideas to come to life. All they have to do is enter their ideas into a computer, see if it’s viable, and print out their creation!

This technology has led to innovations such as 3D shoes and even 3D jewelry. Despite the outrageous and masterful designs, many of these 3D-printed fashion items are surprisingly functional and wearable. In the near future, you might even be able to print out some of the shoes you’ve seen in your favorite movies or TV shows.  We’ve already discussed some of these here:

Upcycled Jewelry

You don’t have to further harm the environment by buying expensive, brand-new 24k jewelry. Instead, buy eco-friendly upcycled jewelry such as bracelets made from construction scraps. These will be a responsible choice and still look trendy.

Dying With Air

Traditional dyeing wastes millions of gallons of water every year. With AirDye, though, we have a process which involves a dye that’s transferred to fabric with the action of heat, therefore reducing the water usage to nearly zero.

GPA-Enabled Jewelry

Jewelry not only makes you look good but nowadays it can also make you feel safe. Feeling nervous about walking home at night? If so, this GPS-enabled jewelry could be just the choice for you.

A company called Cuff has come out with a new line of GPS-enabled jewelry that enables you to alert your selected emergency contacts. If you face an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, simply press a certain point on the jewelry and the message (along with location) will be sent to your family and friends.

This jewelry also receives vibrating alerts from the selected contacts to let you know if someone is trying to reach you. These pieces are so elegant that no one will know that it’s a safety device. This way, you can remain safe even if you don’t have access to your phone at a dangerous moment.

Digital Printing

Again, traditional dyeing wastes millions of gallons of water along with using up other precious resources. Digital printing applies the colors and designs directly into the fabric. This not only reduces water waste by 95% but also reduces energy use by 75%. Your textile waste is also reduced by a significant amount with this technique.

Laser-Cut Textiles

Laces and embroidery make textiles more expensive, as they are hand-made and time-consuming to make. Laser-cut textiles bring the same look as the hand-embroidered ones, but at a lower price. Not just that, but the finished product looks more impeccable and near than hand-embroidered lace.

Phone-Charging Pants

If you’re a big techie fan or a person who’s always on the go, then this pair of pants might be for you! In 2014, designer Adrien Sauvage and Microsoft collaborated to come up with the world’s first-ever pair of pants that can re-charge your phones!

This pair has a front pocket that’s equipped with a wireless Nokia charger. This uses an electromagnetic field in order to charge your phone while it’s in your pocket. All you have to do is to slip your phone into the pocket rest easy knowing that you’re not going to run out of battery power anytime soon!

Smart Watches

Although smartwatches did not start the “wearable techie” trend, they have obviously made a lot of noise. The release of these smartwatches has slowly taken over previous innovations such as fitness trackers.

Smart watches such as the Apple Watch function in many ways aside from being a watch. It also receives phone calls and messages, plus has access to apps as well as fitness tracking.

The Samsung Gear has released a more dynamic design with camera and video capabilities. For those who would like to wear a smartwatch but don’t want to look like a techie, LG’s smartwatches with their classic timepieces designs might be a better choice for you.

Solar Panel Jacket

The idea of wearing solar panels on your clothing can feel a bit bulky, but you can’t deny that the technology can do amazing things like charging your phone anytime, anywhere. A few years ago, Tommy Hilfiger came out with a jacket that solar panels fixed across the back.

Fortunately, the solar jacket doesn’t feel so heavy. Wearing this jacket will enable you to recharge your smartphones, tablets, and even your laptops. A freelancer on the go will certainly appreciate this invention!

A lot more designers are coming up and experimenting with clothing incorporated with solar cells. These are still in the works, but the first step has already been taken.

Clothes Made From Plastic Bags and Beer Bottles

Now there’s an excellent way to upcycle non-biodegradable materials such as bottles and bags: make them into clothes! These materials are broken down into fine pieces, melted and thinned out until they become fibrous. After this, these synthetic fibers are made into various clothing materials.

The eco-clothing company ‘I Am Not A Virgin’, for instance, manufactures clothing such as denim pants from synthetic fibers. Each pair uses 25% recycled material fiber and 75% cotton. The resulting pair of jeans is soft, yet as durable as any regular pair of denim jeans. In fact, since plastic itself lasts practically forever, these recycled jeans might actually last longer than traditional ones.

When Does Something Become Fashion?

After reading about the innovations above, you might have some questions on what exactly makes an item of clothing fashionable. In order to get a detailed and informative answer, a book called “When Clothes Become Fashion: Design and Innovation Systems” might come in handy. whether you’re a student of fashion design or just want to stay updated on the fashion scene, books like these will always be an excellent boost.

This work is by Ingrid Loschek, and gives us a clear insight on how some outfits could fade into obscurity while others become a symbol of the highest fashion. Satisfy your curiosity by checking it out here:


Some see fashion as an expression of themselves, while others see it as the fulfillment of a well-marketed desire. Fashion is certainly a booming business all over the world, especially in developed countries.

While there may not be any one way to define fashion or predict what trend will be in vogue next, we can agree that there are several cool innovations in this field. The designers, wearers, and observers all have a part in defining fashion, so it’s worthwhile to learn about what it can offer you.