Complete Guide to Buying a Second-Hand Rolex

Planning to purchase a second-hand Rolex watch? Well, that’s a pretty good idea to own a decent watch. You can easily get a used $65000 to $75000 watch somewhere between $6500 to $9000 and it would serve you for decades. 

Sounds good? There is an issue. Purchasing a second-hand Rolex watch is not that easy. Most people often get tricked, they purchase the replicated piece at the original used Rolex watch’s price. It can happen to you as well. 

The Rolex watch has to be purchased very carefully. Here is a brief guide that would help you in finding an “original” Rolex without any hassle.

Find a reputable seller 

First of all, right after having enough money to purchase a used Rolex watch you have to find a reputable seller. If there are a lot of fraudulent sellers, there are some pretty reliable sellers as well. You can search online or take help from a friend who has purchased the same watch. There are plenty of ways to know whether the seller is reliable or not. The reputable/reliable seller would always have an authentic website and has listed Rolex watches with complete information and a high-quality image. So, find a few options and check the websites to know whether the seller is reliable enough to make a purchase or not. 

Read the product description and judge the watch 

The next step in the process of purchasing a men’s used Rolex watch is to find a watch. Suppose there are multiple options and you have not decided anything yet. Open a few options in other tabs, read the description and try judging the watch by following things 

  • Model The first thing that deserves your undivided attention is the model. The models are Datejust, Submariner, Sea Dwellers, and Sky-Dweller. The Datejust models have a classic design, Submariner resilient, Sea Dwellers water-proof, and Sky-Dweller has the Oysterflex bracelet and adjustable time zone face. So, choose the model carefully.
  • Serial Number – The serial number deserves your as much attention as the model. All Rolex watches have a unique serial number stamp on the bracelet as well as the documentation. Check to confirm if it’s original or not.
  • Weight – It’s important to judge the watch by weight. All Rolex watches are constructed from heavy material, therefore the original ones would be heavy. If you are purchasing the watch in person, place it on your hand and see if it’s heavier than the regular watch. If it’s an online purchase, you can check the weight in the product description.
  • Appearance – The Rolex watches have magnifying lenses, no uneven fonts, and weird spaces between the numbers. More importantly, they have a Rolex crown as well. See if the watch you are about to order appears the same.
  • Price – Lastly, you have to judge the watch by price. The original Rolex watch would be expensive. It would never be offered at a discounted price. Make sure the watch you are about to purchase is being sold somewhere between $6500 to $9000.