Clothes that can help to create futuristic designs

Fashion designers are artists in their own rights. They are free to exhibit their creativity in the way they want but must ensure that the outfit is comfortable to wear. Showing an exquisite design as a one-time display might help fashion designers to win accolades in select circles. However, to gain wider recognition, they must create fashionable, trendy, and comfortable apparel. The last factor is critical in helping the design gain wide popularity.

The comfort factor is the reason for choosing the suitable fabric that can produce the most stunning design. Soon it becomes a rage as more and more people are ready to wear it for a longer time, thereby helping it gain wider exposure and more popularity as experienced by the LCamero Brand.

The fabric precedes the design

What the canvas is to an artist, fabrics are the same to fashion designers.  Fabrics provide the surface on which fashion designers can display their creativity and use the opportunity to interpret the character of the material and the style of clothing. Most importantly, the fabric affects the performance of the design, which means that fashion designers must know which kind of fabric would be most suitable to uphold the design and make it look outstanding.

As fashion designers are widening the horizon of fashion design by creating futuristic clothing, they must pay attention to the choice of fabric that impacts the design and performance.  To add the sense of future to apparel, fashion designers are venturing into new territories to discover futuristic clothing, some of which are mentioned here.

Mirrored fabric

Fashion designers are more and more turning to mirror elements that are the most common elements to infuse futuristic dimensions in the design by banking on creating a magical optical illusion. With the rapid evolution of textiles and their development due to the infusion of new technology in the clothing industry, the range of mirrored fabrics has expanded greatly, as evident from the varied thickness, type of mirrored fabric, and material.  The shimmering luster of the mirrored fabric under artificial lights is a great attraction. In addition, the metallic luster has an incredible appeal that underlines a low-key luxury texture that is suitable for derail decorating of garments.

Laser fabric

Laser fabric belongs to the category of mirrored material made from non-woven fabric. The fabric meant primarily for producing environmental protection bags has now become a choice for fashion designers who want to convey the unique and trendy characteristics of the garment due to its high-grade texture and bright colors. As the clothing industry goes through rapid development, the luster and color refracted by the laser fabric have become more abundant. The clothing derives its futuristic tone from the gorgeous collocation of colors and shadows.

Luminescent fiber

The luminescent fabric consists of optical fiber that can nicely blend with all chemical and natural fibers to create various textures in the material by weaving. Interestingly, the glow of the fabric originates from a low voltage current of 3.6 volts.

For creating a unique effect, it is possible to weave luminescent fiber along with other fibers.