Choosing the Right Handmade Leather Belt for Your Body

It’s remarkable how a simple accessory like a belt can either make or break an outfit. Belts are one of those accessories that are most noticeable when totally absent. Much like other accessories like shoes, belts capture attention and cast your entire ensemble in a different light.

The right belt can pull a casual outfit in a formal direction. Conversely, it can help dress down more formal attire, making your look more approachable. The fact is, the belt is a subtle, highly practical piece of fashion that can’t be ignored.

It’s not only a practical wardrobe piece, but it also presents a nice transition between your bottom half and top half. The right handmade leather belt is an investment that you will keep forever, but what else should you consider when choosing a leather belt? Here are a few factors to keep in mind to choose the right leather belt for you.

Looks are Important. Fit is essential

Let’s start with the obvious – does that outfit you’re planning on wearing have loops?

If your pants or shorts or skirt has belt loops, then you should be wearing a belt. If you’re into quality, then that should be a handmade leather belt. It’s as simple as that.

The right belt makes you look more polished regardless of whether you need the utility of keeping your trousers up.

If you’re going to be strapped in, you need to be comfortable – especially in your waist and hips. Custom handmade leather belts like the ones from Embrazio are designed to to follow your natural curves better than belts that don’t fit quite right or lead to tugging and pulling on the back of your pants.

Straight belts and even some c-shaped belts aren’t going to fit the natural curves of your body. The best way to combat this is by using a curved belt with a subtle s-shape curve and see if you don’t notice a better fit.

Timeless Styling. Unbeatable Construction

Premium full-grain, single-strap leather belts are a classic wardrobe staple for a reason. Because leather is so darn tough, belts made from top quality leather get better with time and wear all while holding their quality.

That said, some leather belts will need to be retired at a certain point. Even with ageless looks, if your materials are breaking down, they won’t ever be what they were at the start. This is especially true for people who get bigger and smaller overtime. The highest point of stress is placed in the loops you’ve used most. Using different loops happens when you gain and loose weight. That means the weakest area of your belt will grow overtime making it harder and harder to get a proper fit.

Quality custom leather belts can be worn in almost any situation. A belt with a timeless appeal never truly goes out of style—good craftsmanship and high-quality leather can last a lifetime. Durable, yet soft and supple, custom belts made with premium leather are as essential to your closet as T-shirts and jeans or those favorite pumps you can’t bring yourself to throw away because they’re so darned cute!

Find the right fit for your life

The fact is that everyone’s leather belt preferences are different and depend on how you spend your time or what sort of work setting you find yourself in.

We say that most people need at least one black belt and one brown belt in their collection that can be easily styled with dress pants or jeans—or even be worn while horseback riding or hiking. You can always mix things up with a fun collection of buckles, but having a black strap and a brown strap is a great starting point.

Beyond the basics, you may want to experiment with different width or styles. A skinny belt to go with certain dresses or skirts, or perhaps a statement belt with rivets that makes you feel like a million bucks every time you wear it. Your belts should speak authentically to your style and taste in accessories without compromising on quality or comfort.

Don’t be afraid to splurge – you get what you pay for!

A little bit of clicking around online will reveal that pricing ranges dramatically for high quality leather belts. People regularly spend upwards of $500 for high fashion belts from luxury brands.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret – those belts are no better than belts that can be had for less than $100. In fact, oftentimes they are much lower quality. When you’re dealing with these labels, you are paying a premium for that label. If you’re spending more than $100, it should be to access a rarer leather or finer materials in your buckle, not because it has a different label.

Also, you will find “leather” belts at the lower end of the market that aren’t actually full grain leather. You may find yourself saying “why would I spend $100, when I can get the same thing for $50?

Well, they’re not the same thing. That $50 belt is made from a composite material that will break down faster than you can say “handmade leather belt.” You will quickly find yourself replacing that belt with another $50 belt before the $100 option you passed up for being “too expensive” is even broken in.