Choosing between Sequins, Glitter and Metallic designs for a Holiday Outfit

Holidays are inevitable and most of the time, we wanted to wear only the best outfit we could wear to enjoy such a festive moment. Though preferences are deemed different across people and their culture, designs involving sequins, glitter, and metallic are never out of place in the fashion world. Therefore, it is a must to carefully evaluate which design can be used by the bearer so that the details of his or her garments in any holiday occasion would turn out to be one of the best outfits he or she can wear. Look around dance wear shops like Charismatico dancewear for most of these options. Here are some ways on you can add more glamour on your wardrobes using sequins, glitter, and metallic pieces:


Sequins as one of the most common light-reflecting designs can add more drama and texture to your garments. Having sequins in your clothing would give you the chance to explore different types of colors you may want to add to your outfit. It could be red, green, silver, or gold for the Christmas season. This one gives the garment the desired texture that can harmonize with the bearer. However, maintaining the garment is not that easy.

Sequins are sewn to the fabric and if the bearer is not careful, many of the sequins may be torn down—leaving the outfit less glamorous than how it was supposed to be. Since sequins are sewn to the fabric used in the garment, it is necessary to take extra caution while washing the garment. One can use the hand washing method so that he or she can control the heat and the pressure applied to the dress. Sequined clothing that was machine-washed may encounter maintenance problems since the pressure inside the machine is not controlled as well as the temperature on how it was treated. The colored sequins may fade depending on the temperature used to clean it and the pressure applied while cleaning the garment. Maintaining it may be one tough job but the glamour it could give you as the most common among all textures is incomparable.


This texture is more refined than sequins but will give the shine that you need for this holiday. Unlike sequins that are sewn to fabrics, glitter is glued to the fabric using adhesives rather than threads. Its fine sparkle captivates those who can see it and definitely, makes them want to wear shiny garments as such. Glitters can emit that gold to silver shades that mesmerize those who can see it. Since this is more refined than sequins, it can be glued to almost any fabric as well as on other materials such as shoes, bags, and accessories. However, like sequins, it would require quite a good care to assure that they will not fall off easily.

Garments with glitter can be treated by either using hand wash or machine wash. In a purchased garment, you can see on its tag the best possible way you can maintain the shine of the said garment. Some garments would require the owner to use hand washing only while some garments can be treated in machine wash provided the right amount of pressure and temperature as well. Let no garment lose its shine by making sure to take care of it. Since sequins are easily available among all designs, glitter levels up the game in the fashion industry for being refined and applicable to most garments while providing the shine that they need.


Metallic and Glitter garments are the most alike among the designs one can wear. However, one distinct thing about metallic design is that the “shine” it has is already embedded on the metallic thread sewn onto the piece already. This means that you no longer need to worry about glitters falling out and sequins being torn down because the entire garment itself is sewn using metallic threads. With such a feature, it is not as shiny as glitters and sequins but it can still provide the elegance and sparkle to those who do not want to get too much attention but want to wear something that would make them shine on their way.

 The metallic design like the glitter garments can be treated using hand wash and machine wash as well. However, this type of may require extra care considering the thread used in the garment. Synthetic silver and gold metallic threads must not tarnish. However, it is a must that you know what your metallic thread is made of so you can take care of it properly. Some metallic threads such as Japan thread are not suitable for dry cleaning. And the same goes for other garments. Too much sun exposure can also affect metallic threads and cause it to fade or have discoloration. Therefore, you must take a careful look at which method would work best for this type of design. This design gives a refined look to those who wear it without feeling that they are too shiny or too bright to look at.

What do you feel like wearing this coming holiday? Do you prefer a delicate yet elegant sequins clothing? Or do you want to shine over a glittered one from head to toe? Do you want to go subtle but elegant at the same time by using a metallic design? Regardless of what you choose, proper maintenance of these designs is necessary so you can always achieve this elegant and shiny look wherever you go this holiday season.