A Guide to Casual Dressing for Men

A casual attire for men

When it comes to dressing up and looking good, suits are an ideal option. However, you cannot wear and carry them on a daily basis, which makes them a less preferred option unless you are attending a meeting or a special occasion. This is where causal dressing comes in. You need to … Read more

Best Short Hairstyles for Men

A hairstyling session in progress

As compared to long and medium hairstyles, short hairstyles have been the most preferred option by men since they are easy to manage and maintain. With short hair, men can experiment with different hairstyles at home without having to visit the barber. However, it depends on your facial structure and jawline. Not … Read more

How to Get Back Your Natural Hair Color?

Growing out your natural hair color is no longer an issue.

Knowing the harmful side effects of hair dyes and artificial hair colors, one would never want to damage their hair for a temporary look. There isn’t a magic beauty wand to deal with such a situation where you can dye your hair without side effects but there are certain techniques you can … Read more

Top 10 Military Haircuts that Never Go Out of Fashion

Get yourself a military haircut next month

Classy but clean. If this phrase ever hits up your mind when you want to style your hair, just order a military haircut at the barbershop and you will be all ready. The military has truly defined what it looks like to be a gentleman while making it aesthetic with a set … Read more

Top 10 Beard Styles

The Corona Beard was one of the most popular styles of beard in 2020.

The famous saying goes “A Man without a beard is just like a lion without a mane.” We have always seen people growing beards and just suddenly changing their entire facial look. A person may not be as attractive in a clean shave as they look in a beard. Everyone can keep … Read more

How to Deal with Men’s Thick, Curly Hair?

A curly hair cartoon

Curly hair has been a dilemma over the past many years. With growing importance towards men’s grooming, it is quite reasonable to ask, “How Should I Deal with My Curly Hair?”. While many men seem to like the curly hair such as rockstars, many others simply hate them because it restricts your … Read more

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding?

A couple

Deciding what to wear to a wedding can be quite stressful and then there is the added inconvenience of selecting the right outfit for a winter wedding with chilly winds, cold temperature, and probably rain. Although balancing fashion and protection in such cases is a daunting task for many but do not … Read more

What’s the Difference Between a Romper, a Jumper, and a Jumpsuit?

A woman wearing a striped blue and white jumpsuit

Rompers, jumpsuits, and jumpers are fashionable again in recent years. You can see women anywhere wearing them. If you want to look cute or sexy, these pieces of clothing can help you achieve that look. The right romper or jumpsuit will definitely be a great addition to your wardrobe, giving you more … Read more

Luxe Naked store – Why Us???

Luxe Naked store – Why Us???

If you need comfy, well-fitting, and sexy lingerie for yourself, then here is the best brand at your service, Luxe Naked Store. It has been manufacturing and trading for such comfy inner wears that it has attracted an enormous number of customers. With each passing day, the company is gaining more and more … Read more

Cocktail Attire For Women : The Do’s And Don’ts

cocktail fashion

There was a time when cocktail dresses were only for the “Elite” and here we talking about the 90’s. But now as things have changed to a whole other level and the world has evolved, so has the fashion industry. Now is the time when a cocktail dress is a must-have for … Read more