Get to know the Western Style Hats

Get to know the Western Style Hats

Perhaps you have always had the dream to live the true western life. No matter what the dream is, the fact is that you cannot be a true cowboy or cowgirl, without a fine western hat. Although there are a lot of hat makers in the world, cowboy hats made in USA … Read more

Dance Fashion For 2021

Ballroom dancing and ballet are the two types of dance that are the ultimate performance for passion. All things dance begins with the basics taught in these two genres. If you are a performer or an instructor, you keep a close eye on the fashion trends. While they’re usually pretty close, sometimes … Read more

5 Interesting facts about the fashion Industry

Fashion Industry Facts

The fashion industry has been around for centuries. Be it textiles, designing, modeling, retail, sales, advertising or promotion, your life has been influenced by this vast spread and globalized industry. Past fashion trends birth the newer ones, so it helps to know where fashion was before you can know where it is … Read more

Would you like to wear- jumpsuit or romper

Would you like to wear

It is best known that every body shape is different and two bodies couldn’t be the same possibly. So, it becomes critical to know what sort of garment will suit your needs and demands best. This article deals with two special sorts of the garment. The women soul needs something that matches … Read more

What to Wear on the First Date

What to Wear on the First Date

The favorable outcome of the first date depends on many factors, including how your appearance impressed a man. What to wear on the first date to look great? First off, you need to identify the purpose of your date. If for you, it is to seduce a man, then there is not … Read more

Women’s Fashion: Seven Must-Haves for Winter

Womens Fashion Seven Must Haves for Winter

Summer is the season where we can get away with wearing pretty much anything if we want to show off our unique fashion sense.  But when winter comes around, how can you fight the cold weather and still look stylish?  With a few winter wardrobe staples, you can still look as cool … Read more

Different Jewelry Trends: How to Keep Up

Different Jewelry Trends: How to Keep Up

Just like the world of fashion, the jewelry industry is everchanging. New trends are constantly emerging, with luxury brands like Harry Winston, Cartier, and Tiffany & Co. leading the charge. From fresh new diamond cuts to cutting-edge collections, there’s never a shortage of impressive jewels to ogle over. If you’re like most … Read more