So this is largely the case when a web page has competing URLs and we think it performs much less well for that reason. So let’s say maybe the web page splits its accuracy between its specific URLs, or maybe Google gets mad at which one to expose. And it might happen that Google sees this as a nuisance of a copy of something material or any sort of things like that.

I was given this fictitious SERP here as an example. So I think Moz is trying to rank for the keyword “hamburger”. Just believe that Moz decided to take a wild bribe in his corporate version and now we’re going to try to classify ourselves for “burger”.

So in the starring role here, we were given Inferior Bergz, and we’d really like to outdo these humans, but for some reason, we don’t know. Then, in the role, we were given Moz’s Buy Burgers webpage in the subdirectory, which obviously doesn’t exist, however, that’s speculative. This is an industrial landing webpage where you can shop around and buy a burger.

So in role three, we had this Best Burgers webpage on the Moz blog. It’s more informative. It’s more informative. It tells you what are the characteristics of a good burger, how you will have a great experience, how you will experience an amazing burger, where to go and buy an amazing burger, all that form of more unbiased editorial information.

So suppose, in this case, maybe if Moz only had one webpage for that keyword, maybe it could really ignore the highlight. If we assume that this is the case, then we could roughly speak of cannibalization.

However, speculation about the desirability is, and rightly so, that there may be intentions here, and so it turns out that the Second Outstanding Industry Webpage is from Moz and the Outstanding Informative Webpage is also from Moz. So this does not always suggest that there is cannibalization. So we’ll talk a bit later about how we might dispel the ambiguity of a scenario like this.


Finally, let’s talk about traditionally insured cases. So the traditional, very clear, and very obvious case of cannibalization is where you find a graphic like this. It used to be a type of chart that you follow and you’ll see a lot of rank tracking software when playing any sort of online games and matches like ยูฟ่าเบท , basketball, betting games. You can see the time and times of the week along the lowest axis. So we received the rank and we should have escaped the office as much and almost as possible.

Then 2 URLs appear, and one of them can be color-coded and the other is inexperienced and purple. When she is certainly seen as one of the ranks, the alternative simply falls into oblivion; she is not even in pinnacle 100. When we see this type of behavior, we can be sure that we are witnessing it to a kind of cannibalization.


It often happens that it tends to be a bit though. So a good example that I have observed these days is if, or at least in my case, if I Google Naples, like in the name of the region, I see the first and second Wikipedia note. If I Google Naples, as in the name of the region, I see the first and second Wikipedia notes, like ยูฟ่าเบท bets.

Now he doesn’t seem to care that Wikipedia is cannibalizing itself in this situation. In my opinion, they just seem to have this advantage. Google has determined that this SERP is ambiguous and that this keyword “Naples” requires some intent to serve and Wikipedia is the excellent web page for 2 of those intents. So I don’t want to go to Wikipedia and say, “Oh, you want to mix these pages into a web page from Naples, Florida, and Italy” or something like that, and this thing now in my opinion is certainly no longer needed.