Beyond Diamonds – Alternative Gemstones for Custom Engagement Rings

When it comes to bringing out the traditionalist in people, not much can match a wedding. With unwritten rules for attire, locations, vehicles, songs, food and drink, and speeches and vows, it can sometimes feel like the bride and groom don’t really have much room to make things unique to them.

It’s the small details that count though, and with stunning custom gemstone engagement rings allowing a break from the norm, any couple who may want to eschew the traditional diamond can instead opt for wedding jewelry that comes with more personal meaning to them.

While red rubies, green emeralds, and blue sapphires have always been there, a new generation of gemstones are making waves and growing in popularity, thanks to offering better value for money, their suitability to certain demographics, or simply due to the public becoming more aware of their existence and beauty. However, lab diamond rings are becoming very popular nowadays as they look exactly like real diamonds and also come with a highly affordable price as the cost in mining is not included as these are manufactured in labs.

To be or not ruby

All that glitters is not gold, and all that is red may not be ruby. A little-known option as an alternative gemstone for engagement rings, red spinel is a bright and hard stone that manages to be more cost-effective than ruby despite actually being more difficult to come by.

Instead of the rarity increasing the value of the stone, it has meant lower prices due to a general lack of awareness of its presence on the market and the qualities it possesses.

A lighter shade of red than garnet, using red spinel in custom gemstone engagement rings means a good-sized and brilliantly colored hard red stone is available at a lower price than many people realize.

Male order jewelry

The alternative stones and colors used in custom gemstone engagement rings are not exclusive to the bride, with certain designs lending themselves to the male half of the couple.

Less effeminate than the traditional colorless variety, chocolate or brown diamonds can add a touch of subtle sophistication to a male engagement ring while incorporating a design that can be matched on his partner’s piece too.

Brown diamonds are the most common type in the world, and were for a long time used more in industry than in jewelry. That has now changed, and many of the finest custom gemstone male engagement ring designers are now working with brown diamonds.

A new age of gemstones

As white diamonds, red rubies, green emeralds, and blue sapphires have become ubiquitous, curious couples have been seeking different stones that allow new colors to be incorporated into their custom gemstone engagement rings. The peach-tinged Morganite Rings helps make a unique piece that matches the pink of a fairytale princess’s wedding, while Paraiba tourmaline is a deep blue gemstone that echoes the tropical sea of a past holiday or upcoming honeymoon.

Some of the more traditional stones can also bring new twists to the custom gemstone engagement rings made, with sapphire being especially versatile. Although blue is the best-known shade, the stone is also available in green, purple, pink, and brown, meaning it can be matched with a wide variety of wedding themes and outfits.

For couples who want to go beyond traditional diamonds for their custom gemstone engagement rings, the market is constantly evolving, with new stones, colors, and trends finding themselves more and more acceptable in custom wedding jewelry design.

Red spinel, chocolate diamonds, pink morganite, blue Paraiba tourmaline and all manner of sapphires are helping couples to stand out in their own way.