A Guide to Why Proper Hair Care Matters

We are all well aware of the social stigmas surrounding hair loss and the ways in which people who have had their hair fall out prematurely from illnesses or genetic disorders cope and compensate.

When you have the opportunity to take care of your hair to avoid embarrassment, the reasons for it go well beyond just your cosmetic appearance. The state that your hair is in is a strong indicator of whether or not your body has enough vitamins and nutrients to keep your health in good standing.

Learn how to look for the warning signs and get better acquainted with the benefits of proper hair care, including keeping your hair cleansed and protected with Jupiter shampoos and conditioners.

1. Hair-Growth

When you are confused as to why your hair is having a hard time growing, take into consideration not just vitamin and mineral deficiencies but also environmental issues, styling your hair too aggressively and frequently, and touching your hair on a regular basis.

Your hair can be damaged and become brittle from air pollutants like car exhaust fumes and hair straighteners, massive amounts of hair spray, and curling irons.

If your hair is being harassed by these issues, adjust your hairstyle regimen, take vitamin supplements, and add more protein to your diet.

2. No Scalp Problems

Having healthy hair leads to having a healthy scalp by washing it, moisturizing it, wearing a hat to protect it from the sun, and keeping your scalp from drying out and burning from exposure to strong UV rays.

3. Healthy Hair

Keep in mind that having healthy hair is typically an indication of a healthy body. If your hair becomes incredibly dry and breaks away really easily, you are either not getting enough vitamins and nutrients in your system, or your body’s not doing a good job of processing them.

4. Increased Overall Confidence

Having healthy and attractive hair is a huge confidence booster when it garners you consistent compliments, especially from your significant other. It also helps to make us all look younger.

4. Oily Hair and Scalp

Your hair and scalp can be dead giveaways of health problems. Eat nutritious whole foods and stay away from the urge to touch your hair excessively.

Consider increasing the number of times you wash your hair each week if you fall below the recommended amount of three washes a week. Any more than that can dry out your hair.

5. Dry Hair and Scalp

If you are experiencing situations where your hair is way too brittle and dry, it may actually be beneficial to cut down on your hair washing sessions to allow the natural oils produced from your hair follicles to regenerate and strengthen your hair and make it less likely to experience breakage.

6. Thinning Hair

During the aging process, men’s hair tends to thin out naturally. Typically, thinning hair is caused by lifestyle choices or simple hereditary genetics.

Again, be sure that your body is gaining enough nutrition with a proper diet, and also be kind to your hair by steering clear of chemical and heat-induced styling products.

In addition to poor nutrition and hair products, it would be advised that you also refrain from adding more oil to thinning hair because these products add more weight to hair strands that are weak to begin with, and make it that much easier for them to fall out faster.

7. Drying your hair properly

Men and women tend to dry their hair in a rough manner, whether with a towel or with a red-hot blow dryer. Unfortunately, these techniques can lead to difficulties for your hair follicles if not done correctly.

Excessive heat from blow drying can torch your hair too much and aggravate hair follicles. Rubbing your hair too hard with a towel puts too much pressure on it, making your hair hard to manage and way too entangled.

Try drying your hair naturally and patting it gently with a towel instead of rubbing your head. Avoid washing your hair with hot water or cold water and hit the ideal temperature somewhere in the middle with lukewarm water.

Hot water overstimulates hair follicles and removes your hair’s natural oils. Cold water constricts the blood vessels and makes it tough to deliver proper oxygen and blood flow to the hair follicles.

By keeping up with a steady and healthy regular hair care routine that is customized for your hair type while reducing your use of certain styling tools and products helps to maintain a strong and beautiful head of hair.