9 Ways to Style a Kimono in the Summer

The light, flowy vibe that comes along with wearing a kimono works wonders during the summer. Everyone loves a good cardigan in the fall and winter, and even in early spring. But as the days get hotter, the cardigan’s unwanted warmth outweighs its fashion benefits. The kimono allows you to accent your outfits and achieve that nice, airy appeal while also keeping you nice and cool. In fact, a good full-sleeve kimono can help shield you from the sun without causing you to overheat. Let’s look at some different ways you can style your summer kimono to keep your outfits fresh and new!

#9) The Long Kimono/Belt Combo

Wanting to look elegant and well-respected? You can’t go wrong with a long kimono. Since the kimono is lightweight and cool thanks to its silk material, it allows you to achieve a concealed aesthetic while remaining cool and comfortable. You can wear the long kimono over pretty much any outfit, especially if you’re hooking it and keeping it closed anyway. Most long kimonos will hook in the front, but adding a cute belt into the mix is what will really set you apart in style!

#8) Use it as a Bathing Suit Coverup

Heading to the beach or the pool? Get creative and use your kimono as a bathing suit cover up! Even better, you can typically find matching kimono and bathing suit combos that further enhance your style. Midi and long kimonos work best as cover ups, and you can tie them lightly in the middle so that part of your bathing suit shows through underneath.

#7) Pair it With Jean Shorts!

You can definitely make your kimono casual rather than dressy. Short-sleeved kimonos look great with a t-shirt underneath and jean shorts. You can even get a bishop sleeve style kimono to protect your arms from the sun while still pulling off that casual summer look.

#6) Wear it With a Crop Top or Half Shirt

Want to show off your stomach while still rocking a nice accent piece? Crop tops are adorable, but sometimes, they can feel a little bland. Spice up your half shirt or crop top with a kimono! We definitely recommend that you try to match the colors when you do this. Pick out a crop top that has at least one of your kimono’s prominent colors. Short to midi kimono styles look best with crop tops and half shirts as well.

#5) Get Shorts to Match!

Instead of wearing a romper or a dress, you can opt in for a kimono and matching shorts with a plain, solid-colored shirt. It helps you achieve a similar look while providing more room for accentuation. Most brands will sell the same pattern in several different clothing pieces. So, if you want a kimono and matching shorts, you can probably find it. Pick a color you like from the kimono and find a solid fitted shirt to match. Boom! You’ve got yourself a summer outfit!

#4) Tie it in the Middle Like a Crop Top!

Since most kimonos tie in the front, it’s easy to get that beautiful, accented “V” shape. If you’ve got a midi or longer kimono, but you’re not really feeling that “flowy” vibe, try tying it in the middle to create a cute crop top kimono look! Since kimonos are thin and do not provide a lot of coverage, you can always wear a solid printed cami, t-shirt, or bra beneath it for additional protection.

#3) Try Tying it to the Side with Booty Shorts

Midi kimonos look cute when they’re tied off on the side and paired with neutral colored short shorts. Typically, you’ll want to choose a light colored kimono pattern and pair it with plain white, cream, or tan shorts.

#2) Wear it Like a Dress!

Many longer kimonos come with buttons, meaning that you can literally button it all the way down. As a result, your kimono can double as a dress. Since it buttons, you can always choose to wear something cute underneath and wear the kimono open later on as an accent piece. Button it up for a dressier look when the atmosphere changes from casual to more formal.

#1) Try the Cropped Kimono!

The best time to wear a cropped kimono is during the summer. This cropped design looks especially cute with high-waisted shorts and a solid crop top. Again, you’ll want to make sure that your undershirt matches your kimono in some way. It especially looks nice if you choose to wear a shirt that’s the same color as your kimono’s most prominent accent color!

Adding Shoes to Your Outfit!

Really, all you need to feel cute and confident in the summertime is a kimono, a cute belt, and a nice color palette so you can pair your undershirt and shorts accordingly. No matter which kimono outfit combination you choose, it’ll always look nice with a cute pair of flats. If you’re wanting to go for that fancier aesthetic, pair your kimono with a pair of heels, which looks especially nice if you’re wearing a long kimono.