9 Style Tips for Long but Comfortable Air Travel

Long flights can be a nightmare if you don’t have the right clothes on. You certainly shouldn’t wear itchy fabrics, painful shoes, and uncomfortably tight pants for the journey. Since preparing for a long flight naturally takes up a lot of our energy, we often don’t give ourselves enough time to plan out the proper clothes to wear. Unfortunately, this usually creates a lot of unnecessary stress.

So if you have a long flight in the next few weeks or months, you should give some thought to planning your outfit. Below are eight practical and valuable tips that you can follow so that you arrive at your next destination in comfort and style:

Wear Layers

Drastic temperature changes are a common occurrence during flights. Fortunately, you can easily manage these changes by wearing layers. A good tip is to wear comfy tights under a knee-length midi dress and pair it with a waistcoat and scarf.

Your first layer should always be breathable and comfortable clothing. Then, you can add a thin mid-layer made from cotton, wool, or polyester. It’s always good to keep a third layer of clothing ready, such as a sweater or hoodie, in case things get really cold on the plane.

Buy Stylish Compression Socks or Stockings

Manage pain and discomfort on long-haul flights by packing a pair of compression stockings in your carry-on bag. They prevent swelling by putting pressure on your leg muscles, which, in turn, promotes blood flow. Don’t worry about looking dull when you wear these during your flight, as there are plenty of stylish options available. Just look for compression socks or stockings in a design that you like so that you can proudly wear them during your flight.

Choose Running Shoes or Slip-on Footwear

Any kind of footwear that offers both comfort and style is a lifesaver for most trips, especially if you’re going to be on a long flight. Flats, moccasins, or sports shoes are all acceptable. Just make sure to match your shoes to your outfit, since looking good can give you a much-needed confidence boost and make you enjoy your trip more. If you want to wear more fashionable shoes after you land, these shoes easily slip off so you can change into your nicer shoes with ease.

Consider Wearing Athletic Clothes

Wearing sports apparel is a smart traveler’s secret. After all, these breathable and aerodynamic clothes are designed to let you move more freely. The comfort of wearing loose-fitting pants and dry-fit tops is unbeatable, especially if you need to be glued to your seat for hours on end.

So don’t be afraid to wear your regular yoga pants or gym leggings on your next trip. They’re better clothing choices that you won’t regret making.

Shop for Large Knitwear That Can Double as a Blanket

Since there is a weight limit on the bags that you can bring aboard, you often have to pack light. The idea of packing a blanket seems like a great idea for a long-haul flight, but it might be too bulky and heavy for your carry-on baggage.

That being said, you could always wear your blanket on the plane by opting for oversized knitted cardigans. These garments are large enough to cover you up when you drape them over yourself, making them perfect for cold plane cabins. They look fantastic with leggings or jeans and can double as a blanket so you can stay warm and cozy. You can even stuff your knitted tops into travel pillows. Moreover, the knitted design also means you won’t have to worry about creases, so you can wear them as many times as you want.

Choose Functional Shawls or Scarves

Even on a long-haul flight, you can go for a sharp look by wearing a breathable and sweat-wicking scarf or shawl. The fantastic thing about these accessories is that even if you take one or two layers of clothes off, they’ll still complement your outfit. Scarves and shawls are also handy for both hot and chilly days, so always keep at least one of each in your carry-on luggage.

Always Make Sure Your Clothes Have Pockets

If you’re wearing a blazer or jacket, opt for one with built-in pockets to hold your passport, wallet, headphones, and all the travel essentials you constantly need to reach for. Having at least one or two pockets on your clothing makes you less likely to constantly shuffle through your bag or purse just to look for small items.

Wear Wrinkle-free Clothes

Traveling involves a lot of moving and shifting around. You’re either sitting or standing still or brisk walking to your next destination. All this movement (or lack thereof) can cause unsightly creases on your clothing.

Hence, try to wear clothing made of fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily like wool, leather, spandex, polyester, and more. That way, you don’t have to worry about looking frumpy or sloppy while traveling. Another advantage of wearing these kinds of clothes is that you get to disembark the plane looking as fresh as when you boarded it, even if you did just cross several time zones.

Wear Your Hair Up

Putting your hair up or pulling it back in some way will help you feel more put-together when traveling. This keeps your hair from getting messy during the flight and hides your roots if they’re starting to get greasy. If your hair is long, you can wear it in a low ponytail or a side braid for a clean and cute appearance. For shorter hair, a stylish headband or a soft beanie can do wonders to make you look and feel more comfortable.

No matter your travel itinerary or destination, you’ll want a smarter approach to choosing your clothes for any long flight. Ideally, you should put together an outfit that allows you to survive temperature changes, roam around freely, and look your best. With these tips, there’s no doubt that you can pull all of these off on your next trip.