8 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Ring

If you have been to a few weddings, you will know that a wedding ring is an endearing part of them. Spouses exchange wedding rings with the vow that their wedding rings symbolize their love and wish that it may serve as an aide-mémoire of their commitment and faithfulness towards each other.

Choosing a wedding ring is an extraordinary moment in everyone’s life. So, it is likely that you will have some thought and consideration for choosing it. After all, it signifies that you have moved one step forward in your relationship.

The wedding ring, as the token of your love for each other, will strengthen your relationship even more. But what you should consider when choosing a wedding ring is a paramount concern.

Some factors you must consider while choosing your wedding ring include the following.

1. Contemporary or traditional design

The ring’s design is the first factor you must consider when choosing a wedding ring. You should never opt for anything less than exquisite to become your wedding ring.

Some people like traditional designs such as traditional Mughal jewelry that includes big stones or famous Kundan jewelry of India. Others may want Celtic patterns inspired by the Irish culture on their wedding ring.

Think about your design pattern? Is it traditional or contemporary? If you are fond of Celtic patterns and design, visit www.irishjewelrycraft.com/celtic-rings/wedding to find the most exquisite wedding ring designs.

2. Comfort and right size

Another thing you must consider is your comfort. You will not wear your wedding ring for a few days only. This ring will stay on your finger for the rest of your married life. So, choose the ring that feels comfortable on your finger.

To find the right size ring, measure the diameter of your finger when your body temperature is normal. Try a few rings to find the right size and see what fits more accurately; it should be neither too wobbly nor too tight.

Never take your ring size after an exercise session because, after physical activity, your body swells. Also, choose a size that is easy to size down in the future.

3. Be practical in your choice

Since you will wear your wedding ring almost all the time, which includes work too, consider a ring that won’t interfere with your work, including the household chores and work in the office.

If you work on a construction site or are a mechanic, it is better not to choose a ring with gemstones.

Similarly, if your work involves heavy lifting, choose platinum or gold rings, as these metals are pretty durable. In contrast, silver is softer, so its chance of getting scratches is higher.

4. Set a budget

It is not wise to buy anything, even your wedding ring, without setting a budget. When you estimate the amount you can spend on your wedding, choosing one among many options becomes easier. But if you walk into a store without a budget in your mind, you may choose something that you cannot afford. This situation creates disappointment.

Set your budget before stepping foot into the jewelry shop. Besides, it is possible to have the wedding ring of your dream within your budget unless the set budget is unrealistic and does not reflect the current market prices.

5. Shop the wedding ring early

You might be tempted to buy your wedding ring closer to your wedding day to get the latest design. But finding the right wedding ring or getting it designed by a designer is not easy and takes some time. Besides, you will have a lot of tasks needing your attention during the last week leading up to the wedding day.

So, you should not get your wedding ring as the last thing on your priority list.

If you have a particular design idea in your mind, visit a few designers, discuss your vision and take their quotes.

Even if you have no design in your mind, visit a few retailers and see what you find. You are making a choice for your whole life, so make sure it is good.

6. Shop with your future spouse

Try to make choosing your wedding ring a lovely fun-filled activity by shopping with your spouse. You can both be involved and enjoy the process.

You will end up with a ring you love, making this an important moment in your relationship journey.

Shopping together also helps you narrow down the choices and make the process easier. You can ask each other’s opinions and minimize the hassle.

7. Try the ring on your finger

Some designs look great in their jewelry cases but not so much on the finger. You will not want to end up with a ring that does not look good on your hand.

The size of the diamond or stone on the ring can create some problems because not all stones or their sizes complement your hand. If you have small hands, go for 0.5 to 1.0 carats diamond.

Also, stones often look more prominent on smaller fingers and smaller on larger fingers. So, keep these tiny details in mind too.

8. Match or not to match with your engagement ring

Some people prefer matching their wedding ring with their engagement ring to show how they have progressed from being engaged to being a married couple.

For matching, make sure both rings have the same bandwidth and the design is similar.

But remember, it is not a strict rule to match your rings; in the end, it all depends on your preference and thought process. Hence, it is completely okay to go with a wedding ring that does not resemble your engagement ring even slightly.


Choosing a wedding ring is an important moment in your life. Therefore, you would want to make it as memorable as possible. But if you are unsure how to choose your wedding ring, we have listed some tips to help you make this process easier.