8 Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Moving to Washington

Washington is one of the best states in the country and makes the Pacific NorthWest complete. There is much to love here, but also a few things to be wary of as you may find it difficult to adapt when settling into your new place. These are the things to keep in mind when considering a move to Washington.

1. Rain, Rain, Rain

If you’re planning to move to Washington, chances are you’re well aware of just how much rain the western half of the state receives on an annual, if not daily basis.

For best results, plan your move outside of the cold months in order to avoid a hectic moving process filled with waterlogged furniture and unsafe conditions.

2. They Love Beer

A few states in the country are known for their beer production and Washington is one of them. In fact, Washington and neighboring Oregon are often sought out destinations because of their beer culture.

If you’re a beer lover or hope to be, Washington is one of the best microbrewery destinations in the world! Plus, much of the goods used to make beer are grown right in the state. By supporting local breweries, you’re supporting Washington overall.

For beer tour inspiration, check out this guide.

3. Ditch the Umbrellas

To really fit in when moving to central locations like Seattle-Tacoma, you’ll need to leave the umbrellas at home. Sure, no one will rip it from your hands and throw it in the street, but you may face a little heckling or side glances for using one.

Given that much of the coastal half of the state is raining chronically, many Washingtonians find the use of umbrellas unnecessary and a bit tacky.

4. Dog Central

Washington is a state known for its outdoors and being particularly friendly to little ones. Sure, that includes kids, but what we’re really getting at here is that dogs are everywhere. If you have a dog coming, rest assured they will thrive in the state and find plenty of dog-friendly places to thrive in.

Moving to Seattle? Don’t forget to check out the Mariner’s games for dog night, where your little one can run around on the field and enjoy the game!

5. Nature Lover Galore

The nature in Washington is impeccable. From the mountains to valleys and the meadows and coastlines – it’s a nature lover’s paradise. Whatever you’re into, chances are – Washington has it.

Fishing, hiking, climbing, and snow sports, Washington is a state for anyone and everyone to find what brings them joy. Best of all? Most Washingtonians are well aware of the beauty in their state and take advantage of it as often as possible. If you’re looking for an outdoorsy community to welcome you in, Washington is the place to find it.

6. Coffee Paradise

Coffee lovers will not find a better place to live than Washington. From the mega brand Starbucks and its tasting rooms to hundreds, if not thousands, of small, independently owned third-wave shops across the state.

Whether you’re into the classics like espresso and macchiatos or you prefer a fun twist like lattes and homemade syrups – Washington, especially Seattle, has it!

7. Legal Cannabis

If you’re into cannabis, in whatever form, you’ll be happy to know that Washington has legalized the use. In fact, you’ll find authorized dispensaries across the state that provide their own unique products and specialties.

Wheter you’re looking to use cannabis for recreational use or you have a medical need, the process to acquire a product that works for you without jumping through hoops for approval. Find more information here.

8. Foodies Welcome

Okay, sure, every state has its own delicacy. In Washington, you’ll find a great mix of everything and that’s because there is a large and diverse population.

In cities like Seattle, you can find the best Vietnamese food next to the best Hawaiin barbeque, down the street from a small-town European-style bakery.

For an especially concentrated foodie tour, head to Pike Place Market in Seattle to have it all.