8 Secrets to Keep Your Jewelry Looking Sparkling Longer

Oftentimes, you have expensive pieces of jewelry with tales as long as a century; jewelry passed down by a monarchy, family heirlooms, etc. They say diamonds last forever but that is not the same for other metals used for jewelry. You need to take care to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing and losing its appeal.

This article gives you the secrets to achieving this. By the way, check out this color of the diamond.

The 8 Secrets to Keep Your Jewelry Looking Sparkling Longer

To keep your jewelry looking as sparkling and lustrous as on the day you purchased it, there are a few tips that can assist you to achieve this. The great news is that you actually don’t need a jeweler to do this for you.

The secrets include the following:

1. Proper storage

Always keep your jewelry stored in a place void of dust and humidity. This keeps your jewelry unperturbed by natural forces and even out of the reach of others. Also, do not store jewelry together in clusters as they can leave marks on one another due to contact and friction.

2. Keep away from chemicals

While you might love your jewelry for its sake or for its cost, or even for the person who bought them for you, it is best to take them off when bathing or applying creams, makeup products, cleaning products, etc.

3. Be cautious

Pieces of jewelry are known most for their beauty and not for their sturdiness. To keep your jewelry looking sparkling over a long period of time, you would need to be gentle with it. Oftentimes, we handle jewelry roughly after years of use. This can get grease and other dirt rubbed into them. Be gentle in handling your jewelry and avoid using your fingers.

4. Clean your diamonds with ammonia

This, you were probably worried would not come up since touching with bare hands has been discouraged. Ammonia-based cleaners are the best options for diamonds, and tiny toothbrushes or clean soft cloth can be used even to achieve this.

5. Use shampoo to clean pearls

Different cleaning methods work for different pieces of jewelry. For the delicate pearl types, tie in nylon and immerse in warm water. Then, add a MILD shampoo into the water. This is followed by gentle rubbing of the nylon against the pearl so you do not make direct contact.

6. Use pieces of chalk to clean silver

This is weird but it works. Just drop pieces of chalk onto your silver and let it do its work. The chalk would prevent tarnishing by absorbing moisture off your jewelry.

7. Use beer to clean gold

You can pour some beer onto a soft piece of cloth and gently rub your jewelry before drying with a clean cloth. It glows up instantly.

8. Use vinegar to clean gemstones

You drop your gemstone into a bowl of vinegar and leave for about fifteen minutes, during which you can stir your stone around and use a toothbrush to remove stains.

There you have it, eight secrets to keeping your jewelry sparkling for years to come without visiting the jeweler.