7 Tips to Play Online Safely

The current era of digitization and the increase in users who use online games as a way to have fun, has revealed more than once how vulnerable our data is if we do not know how to take care of it. It is very common to hear comments such as “I know where I enter, it will not happen to me”; But we are all exposed to possible malicious attacks.

For more than a decade, mobile phones and other portable devices have been connected to the network, something that brings us many benefits. We have much of our personal and confidential information there, so a breach in security can be catastrophic for us.

That is why we must always choose secure websites, 꽁머니as the online casino at toriters.com, where we can have fun playing blackjack, for example, without fear of a possible attack on our confidentiality. But since we are all potential victims for those who act from illegality, we are going to give you some cyber security tips that will help you be calmer.

Tips to Improve our Online Security

When we surf the net, little by little we are exposing ourselves and leaving a trail that can cause us problems. Even more so when we do it for pages in which we have to leave data as important as our full name, credit card or we include monetary transactions for gambling and casinos.

Create strong Passwords

It seems absurd that these things continue to happen, but more than 80% of online account thefts are due to the use of weak passwords or with simple and repeated patterns. That is why we put this advice as the first of all: create a password that combines several types of characters, and do not always use the same one on all pages.

There are two things that can help you a lot. The first is password managers, as most browsers already have; you will not have to remember all of them because they will be safely stored. On the other hand, there are the random password generators, which will allow you to have a strong and different password for each record.

Enable Two-Step Authentication

In addition to a strong password, it is very interesting to activate the user identification in two or more steps. This method, found in many online casinos and other applications, offers extra security when entering the websites where we use it.

In addition to correctly entering your password, an SMS will be sent to your phone, an email with a link or a simple code; to verify that it is really you who is trying to access the page in question.

Use a Good Antivirus

We have been moving around the Internet for many years and this is still a key aspect of any computer. An antivirus is essential if we are connected to the network, it does not matter if it consumes some power and you think it slows down your device. It is, without a doubt, a handicap that you will have to endure.

Luckily, nowadays there are many free antivirus. Either because they are installed as standard on the PC or the phone, or because you can download them from their home page. You won’t have to spend anything to protect your data.

Investigate the App or the Website in which we Play

Whether you are going to register on a new website or if you are going to download something, review the most basic aspects of the page a little. If you see something that does not seem reliable or that provides little information about its internal data; get away from there as quickly as possible.

A simple Google search or tools and applications that detect malicious sites will help you avoid falling into the trap of some of these hackers. Even so, we recommend that you always be very careful and that you only enter and play on the pages that you already know.

Update the Software

Don’t forget to check for possible updates on both your computer and your mobile device. It can be a tedious thing to be looking at every few weeks, but most of the improvements that Windows, Apple or Android make are to protect you.

It won’t take long for your computer or mobile to update, and it will be one more barrier against possible attacks that want to seize valuable information from your computer or from your online records.

Use mobile Devices Safely

They are part of our day to day, so we must not neglect their safety for a second. Use pattern or PIN locks to wake up your phone’s screen, and never leave it in public within the reach of anyone.

In the same way, install only the applications that you can download from the official stores of your provider, keep the operating system updated and do not enter links that arrive through messages or emails that seem suspicious.

As you can see, it is not too difficult to stay safe in the online world. If you put these tips into practice, you will have the peace of mind of playing in online casinos and other applications without fear that your account, money or something much more important could be stolen: your private data.