7 things you should try on your wedding night

The wedding night should be one of the most exciting, magical and heavenly moments of your life. However, you need to deviate from the conventional methods and settings and use some unique wedding night ideas. Get involved and don’t let your partner take away all the credit for that day.

You need to make the night romantic and unforgettable. Ensure it is the best night that you wish for and spice it up with these great ideas.

Turn your partner on

The night should be a moment when both of you will be together and you should use words that will sweep him away. Don’t just jump on the bed when you guys are alone. Engage in dirty and sensuous talk to get him in the mood. This helps both you and your lover to feel confident. Aside from just words, touch him in places that will make his body tremble, fiddle with his hair, look directly into his eyes and squeeze his nip. These little things are prep for what is to come next.

Wear some sexy lingerie

This night is for you to take control, and avoid all forms of impediment and shyness. A man is more of a visual creature, therefore wears things that will make you attracted to him. This bold and sexy lingerie will make the adrenaline rush to your partner’s face and you can expect it pretty much later.

Engage in a lap dance

There have been many misconceptions about lap dances. Many think only strippers and club gals can give lap dances. However, this is far from the truth. During the dating period, I am sure he has showered you with many gifts and surprises, if this is true, then the wedding night is payback time. Give him a sensuous and romantic lad dance that will blow his mind. 

Sex toys

The wedding night is the tune to explore and break barriers. Get some unique sex toys on this site which will make the night more eventful. The sex toys are to make sure the sensual sessions are one of the best and mind-blowing. However, you should have asked him, earner, if he is okay with these toys because consent matters a lot. You could also get some ice cubes to put on his nipples to get him high.

Test tasting

This is another romantic thing you can do for your partner on your wedding night. This activity involves blindfolding your husband and putting different edibles and creams on all of his body. After this, you will ask him to take the meal and identify them each. For each correct answer, you will give him a deep kiss.

Try new sex styles

To spice up your wedding night, you will need to do what you have not done before. Sex is crucial during the night and you will need to engage in several new positions to enjoy it. You can learn more about sexual positions on the Internet. Both of you can watch some porn together to explore your fantasies.

Bath together

When thinking about trying some fresh sex positions, why not try them in strange places?  Take your sexual act out of the bedroom and use the bathtub. You should arrange ahead for some scents, bubbles and candles. Both of you should submerge yourselves into a comfortable bathtub in each other’s arms.


The wedding night is a special time for couples to have a perfect time together. It is the best time to try your desires and fantasies and make maximum use of the ideas shared above.