7 Stylish Options For Returning to The Office

During the early months of the pandemic, the stay-at-home lifestyle had a serious effect on most women’s wardrobes. You’re hardly alone if you wore out your slippers and pajamas while the blazers and slacks gathered dust in the closet. Now, with many companies welcoming their workers back to the office again, it’s time to iron out all that formal attire. If you want to get creative, it might also be time to pick up some new items and reinvigorate your style.

With a few smart purchases, you could wow your colleagues with a bold post-quarantine look. The world has changed a lot in the past 18 months, and there’s no reason your sense of style shouldn’t evolve as well. The quarantine has served as a natural break, giving you the chance to reassess your wardrobe and make some much-needed adjustments. Here are seven great products that will make your return to the office as triumphant as possible.

Blazé Milano Resolute Double-Breasted Blazer

This stylish jacket puts a new twist on the classic blazer. The double-breasted style creates an aesthetic that’s at once cool and classy. The deep pockets are both stylish and convenient, giving you plenty of room for your personal belongings or your hands on a cold day. The slim waist will fit your form nicely without seeming annoyingly tight, and the longer cut matches the current trend. The blazer is also a perfect match for the stylish denim pants that are currently in vogue.

J Brand Franky Cropped Jeans

First, skinny jeans began to fall by the wayside as women turned to wider-cut models. Now, jeans are rising up from the feet and reaching just to the ankles. Once fun and funky, this cropped style is now mainstream and even, if done correctly, professional. Workplaces are starting to allow more jeans than ever before, so you’ll need your denim game to be on point. These cropped jeans are a great place to start your personal denim revolution.

Designer Lunch Bag From Modern Picnic

After getting used to the comforts of working from home, you’ll want to re-enter the office with accessories that are as practical as they are stylish. This quality lunch bag has all the grace and class of a designer handbag, and yet the insulated interior stays just as cool as an old utilitarian lunchbox. You’ll look fantastic as you carry your lunch to work, and then you’ll enjoy the added benefit of eating a cool, refrigerated meal in the middle of your workday.

Proenza Schouler Lug Sole Chelsea Boots

Who wants to appear petite and tender when you could look large and in charge with these rough-and-tumble boots? The massive soles set them apart, giving your entire form a sense of power and control. The leather has a beautiful shine, and the rounded toe smacks of subtle self-confidence. While the overwhelming aesthetic is one of toughness and authority, the sleek, narrow curve toward the ankle lends the perfect countering touch of feminine grace. There’s no better footwear for making a statement while enhancing your subtle charms.

Zara Long Striped Knit Dress

Knit clothes are in vogue as people come to appreciate the seamless marriage of comfort and style. This dress is just tight enough to hug your form, yet the fabric will still give you plenty of room to breathe. The series of horizontal stripes, coupled with the length of the skirt, provides the piece with an agreeable ethereal appearance.

Cefinn Alice Belted Tiered Midi Dress

This dress is formal enough for a work environment yet sufficiently light to make an agreeable impression, making it the perfect piece for today’s work environment. The looseness of the garment maximizes comfort, while the floral pattern gives it a sense of springtime freshness.

Significant Other Ariana Belted Ribbed Knit Dress

Somehow form-fitting and flowing at the same time, this gorgeous dress will turn plenty of heads at the office. With the long sleeves and ribbed skirt, it gives off an almost angelic aura. The belt, which matches the material of the dress, works perfectly to tie the entire outfit together at the waist.