7 Reasons to Choose Flat Tip Hair Extensions

Flat tip hair extensions are one of the most popular ways to change your hairstyle by adding the desired length and thickness, yet providing maximum comfort in wearing.

After reading our article, you will better understand whether such extensions are suitable for your hair.

1. Allow you to change your hairstyle as you always wanted

The main thing is to choose a length and thickness of strands that will not damage natural locks. To do this, consult with the hair stylist regarding the optimal weight of the bundle for you.

2. Health safe

Flat tip hair extensions will not damage the curls, loosen the roots or provoke hair loss. Of course, a lot depends on the hair tech, so be sure to study his/her portfolio and read customer reviews.

3. Comfortable in wearing

If the extension is done correctly, you will feel as if you have always had such a hairstyle.

Normally, you can feel the bonds for the first 3 days after the application procedure. For example, when you go to bed, you may feel like lying on beads.

4. Look like your natural hair

Keratin glue pellets that fix strands are invisible on the head.

First of all, they’re very small.

Secondly, the hair technician arranges the bonds so that they are covered with natural strands.

5. Suitable for different hair structures

If you have soft, thin and undyed curls, it is best to opt for Slavic hair.

Russian hair is a great option for clients with slightly denser strands structure. You can choose any shade and texture.

European hair is optimal for customers with very thick and dense hair.

Products from the Asian market are not suitable for North American customers. Such strands vary greatly in thickness and density, and undergo very aggressive disinfection. As a result, the cuticle of the hair is destroyed and the curls start to tangle.

6. Can be used even for short haircuts

Any other type of extensions simply won’t do: natural curls may be too short for sew ins, and tape ins or clip ins may be visible under short hair.

By choosing pre bonded hair extensions, you can change almost any haircut!

7. Long service life

If you use high-quality natural bundles, take care of them properly and regularly do reapplication procedures, the hairstyle will last up to 9 months.

Of course, you need to buy quality material for flat tip hair extensions.

You can find it in the I Love Slavic Hair online store.

Here you will be helped to choose the desired length, structure, weight and color of the curls – everything to make you delighted with your hairstyle!