7 Must-Have Items for Your 2022 Capsule Closet

Have you got a massive pile of fabulous clothes and accessories but are still falling short on the fashion scale? Do you stare at your closet for hours and not get inspired enough to put together an outfit? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place to set things right with your wardrobe in 2022.

There’s a single answer to all your problems, and it’s called a capsule wardrobe. That’s right, a capsule wardrobe captures the essence of your unique style and consists of a set number of mix and match pieces that go seamlessly with every occasion. So, are you ready to know which items made the ultimate list for your 2022 capsule closet? Let’s check it out!

1. White Cotton Turtleneck

Since we are heading into the chilly season, why not start with a timeless part of every winter wardrobe? There’s no way your wardrobe is complete without a fair share of white cotton turtlenecks. They are a must-have piece of clothing as they are transitional, and go with almost every other piece, and work with every occasion. Tucking in your turtleneck in high-waist straight pants combined with an oversized shirt as an outwear is the chicest look you can try this season.

2. Black Long Coat

Just like no capsule wardrobe is complete without a long black coat, it is a timeless piece that works wonders casually and for office wear. Want some stunning ideas for professional wear? You can further explore a variety of womens workwear for empowering designs, including your go-to black long coat. Have it as an oversized outwear, or wear it with your sultry ankle boots; your LBC will serve you well for the entire year.

3. Various Boots

Every closet deserves a separate section of different kinds of boots that can work in every season. For instance, next year, we are going to see a whole lot of pointy stiletto booties, sock boots, under-the-knee boots, and lug sole boots. You can pair them with midi skirts, wide-leg trousers, short skirts, and essentially every item of your capsule wardrobe. Nothing screams effortless better than a classic black ankle boot paired with faux leather trousers and a puffer jacket on a chilly day.

4. Relaxed Blazer

There’s no way we are ever saying goodbye to the blazers. They are here to stay in our 2022 capsule wardrobe and the years to come. Whether it is your casual or work wardrobe, a relaxed blazer is necessary to pull off a sharp yet elegant look. You can go for oversized wool blazers in the winter and light relaxed ones in the summer paired with wide-leg jeans, suede boots, and a spaghetti-strapped top. Don’t miss out on the variety and keep a few options such as a leather blazer, double-breasted blazer, and more.

5. Puffer Jacket

If there’s one thing that celebrities have opted for again and again this season, it’s the puffer jacket. With your oversized and long black coats, a puffer jacket makes a perfect choice to complete your capsule wardrobe for trendier looks. Leather puffer jackets are making headway as one of the best transitional pieces for fall and winter looks. The jacket looks incredibly stylish in unique patterns, especially when paired with high-waist pants, knee-high boots, tank tops, and beanies. Want a little twist to the classic old black puffer jacket? Go for a cropped puffer jacket with a dramatic collar.

6. Suede Bags

Just because we aren’t over totes doesn’t mean our wardrobe should be deprived of the good stuff. For the coming year, we are going for green suede bags specifically. Last summer was all about over-the-top Bottega green pieces, and the trend stuck around with a touch of deeper hues. Now, we are going for olive and different shades of forest suede bags with cinched buckles and soft shapes. We recommend going with twists of your own such as a suede fringe tote bag or a soft suede top handle bag which you can pair with all your favorite leather outfits.

7. Knit Dresses

One of the best fashion trends which have emerged over the past year is the craze for knit dresses. That’s right, whether it’s a button-down knit dress or a sleeveless one, it’s a stylish garment that deserves a special place in your capsule wardrobe. We recommend going for the latest twists, such as the gorgeous sleeveless mock neck mini dress or the mini polo knit dress. They will all look completely rad when paired with under the knee or chunky ankle boots with an oversized coat or a poncho. Fill your wardrobe with as much variety as you want, including the amazing ribbed knitted midi wrap dress.


Since we are coming out of our lockdown comfort wear wardrobe, it is time to get ready for setting your 2022 capsule wardrobe. This year we recommend filling your closet with loads of variety, color palette, and style which define your personality. Whether choosing a work outfit or settling on a street style, you can mix and match the above essentials for endless choices. Take inspiration from the above essential pieces that you must have in your upcoming capsule wardrobe for pulling off effortless looks every time.