6 Ways to Style That Kimono Sitting in Your Closet

If you want to have some serious fun in the world of fashion, you will want to invest in a quality kimono.

This traditional Japanese garment has evolved to be an iconic fashion piece to wear around the world, whether you are Japanese or not.

The initial design of a kimono was inspired by the Wu dynasty of China thousands of years ago. Over time, it was introduced into Japanese culture and become a staple piece of clothing every person in Japan had.

While there are still many traditional Kimonos and plenty of occasions to wear it as so, kimonos have evolved into the Western world of fashion too. This means that you can now wear a kimono in numerous ways and get inspired by plenty of cute ideas.

If you have a kimono hanging up in your closet and you want to ensure that it gets ample use, then look no further than here. We have rounded up all the top style tips so you can rock your kimono for almost any occasion.

1. With a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have become a staple in our everyday ensembles. This one-piece outfit makes getting dressed super easy. If you are like the rest of us and have made the jumpsuit part of your daily ensemble, then a kimono layered on top is an easy way to change the entire look.

The silk kimono will add another layer of chicness to the jumpsuit and make it look elegant in a whole new way. Plus, kimonos often come in lots of fun colors and layers. So pairing it with a solid color jumpsuit is a great way to really let the kimono shine.

2. With Jeans and a White Tee

For many of us, having the classic jean and white tee combo is an absolute must. But wearing just a white tee and jeans can end up getting very boring for many of us. The colorful and vibrant kimonos are a great way to mix it all up to the point where you will forget how simple your outfit used to be.

Let the kimono shine in this ensemble by wearing jeans with a flair and tucking your white tee into your jeans. The result will be an effortless boho look that will have you feeling stylish in no time.

Best of all, this outfit idea lets you also play with lots of accessories. This means that you can pair your ensemble with some beautiful gold or silver jewlery to make your kimono really shine.

3. With a Black Dress

Every person should have a little black dress in her closet. You never know when you may need to bust it out for a more formal occasion. But sometimes a black dress alone can feel a little boring.

This is the perfect opportunity to take out your kimono and wear it as a shawl. Let the kimono hang off your shoulders so you can add a little bit of sexiness to the look. Plus, the colors of the kimono will really change the overall vibe of your black dress too.

4. With a Patterned Tee

Patterns on patterns work if you do it right. If you do the pairing right, you can certainly rock a kimono with a graphic tee. Just make sure that the colors and styles complement each other. You will also want to make sure that the rest of your outfit remains pretty neutral and simple so the top half of your ensemble can truly shine.

5. With a Bathing Suit

For those days lounging by the pool or spa, busting out your kimono from your closet is a great layering piece to put over your bikini. It will let you feel a bit more covered up while still rocking those chic vibes.

Make sure your kimono is made of cool linen or cotton though, as the hot pool days are not made for the thicker silky kimono designs.

Finish off the look by wearing a cute pair of sandals. You will be ready to rock your day at the pool.

6. With Mono Colors

Kimonos are known to have beautiful and bright colors. So one of the best ways to rock your kimono is by pairing it up with a monochrome outfit. This means that you can wear an all-white or all-black outfit. Then layer it up with a vibrant kimono that completely lifts the color palette and makes your ensemble pop.

Pairing simple with extravagant always works really well.


If you have a kimono sitting in your closet, then look no further than these six style tips for getting ample use out of it. You can literally wear a kimono for any and all occasions and look stylish for each of them. How will you wear your kimono?