6 Types of Footwear Every Women. Must have in her Wardrobe!

At Little Istanbul Gifts, as you know, we want you to look good and for this, you have to start from the base, from your feet. Surely, it will have happened to you that you go to your closet or to the place where you have your shoes and sneakers (or that unstable mountain of footwear next to the bed) and just for that occasion you do not find something that convinces you for the event or type of clothes that you are going to wear. Keep reading that we are going to help you!

Of course, the most important thing when buying any type of shoe is that we like it. The next thing would be comfort and that it does not destroy our feet at every step, although this is sometimes given less importance. Luckily, at Little Istanbul Gifts we don’t have that problem.

1 / Dress Boots

If you don’t have one yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! We can assure you that for the coldest winter months, it is the best choice. Like all types of shoes, boots also have different styles, some of them more formal and others more casual. These are the Little Istanbul Gifts, you knew them, right? Leather dress boots offer a high range of combinations from jeans, formal pants or suits.

Kilim Shoes & Boots are an excellent option!

2 / White Sneakers

They are pure trend, white sports shoes are the perfect complement for your casual looks, not only for the sportier looks. A comfortable shoe that also goes with everything. This revolution comes to bring us models that we thought were already forgotten. The return of the retro, the return of the comfortable. White sneakers in the purest style, without frills, without new elements. If you want yours, at Little Istanbul Gifts we offer you the most comfortable ones!

3 / Loafers

“Jumping loafers with the skin of two mastiffs …” Who does not remember this song by Mr. Burns in The Simpsons? This type of footwear is very versatile, since you can wear them to go to work, go out for a walk or dinner with friends. Some jeans with a sweater, pleated pants or a more informal suit without a tie are the outfits that best match loafers. Do you already know the Little Istanbul Gifts online shopping store?

4 / Casual Borcegos

One of our favorites for these cold months. In this type of boots, the predominant color will be brown, either lighter or in darker tones. In addition to dressing up to the latest, they will protect us from inclement weather and prevent unnecessary slipping due to rain or frost. Combine them with jeans and a good sweater and walk the streets without fear of the cold. Have you already seen the new ones from Little Istanbul Gifts online store this season?

5 / Nautical

A nautical or nautical shoe is a type of lightweight and simple shoe used for informal occasions.

Initially, they were used to practice nautical sports, hence their non-slip sole, but today they are used on any occasion as sports shoes, especially for hot climates, combining them with jeans and even shorts and swimsuits.

6 / Comfortable Shoes

As we like this type of footwear, right? We would wear them at all times, for every occasion … but we must try to vary, although it is true that they are very versatile and that they can be used for almost everything, the recommendation of the house is have more than a couple of different styles and use them for different times.

We know that many can survive with just this pair of sneakers in their closet, but now that you know this list, take a walk around the Little Istanbul Gifts store and get yourself a great pair!