6 tips for dressing for an online meeting

Dressing well for virtual meetings is a must. While we can shine wearing causals at home, you must appear professional and respectable during these consultations. Your appearance will let the other attendees know how seriously you take the meeting.

Since meeting with people remotely involves a lot of teamwork, it is sometimes difficult to gauge their demeanor and body language. And when there’s no direct communication between two parties, a dress can play a significant role in making or breaking your virtual presentation.

So here is a list of guidelines to help you sail through your online meetings with style :

Neutral colors

Now you can earn online your master’s degree, but you’ll need to learn to dress to impress the internet if you’re going to an online meeting or a conference call. It might be a basic shirt or a dress with subtle jewelry.

Rather than shimmering textiles, seek modern fabrics like crepe, matte jersey, and polyester knits in a cap sleeve blouse. The top wear cause, apparent in video conversations, receives more significant attention.

White shirts to your rescue

Looking good and bringing out the best version of yourself at every online meeting is essential. A white shirt has been proven to work well in most cases. It pairs well with any dark, pastel, or neutral color. Some bold earrings on a matte face that glows with just the proper flush look great on screen!

It looks great on anyone, fits into any budget, and can be worn just about anywhere. You can pair it with a white pencil skirt and heels or go for a more casual look and pair it with jeans and flats.

Wear Blazer

The blazer over polo dress look is perfect for an online meeting when you want to appear a little more formal. Wear a fitted blazer with a scoop neck shirt and a high-rise skirt. Then add some statement earrings a subtle make-up, and you’re ready to impress.

Use solid color and formal prints

Choosing the right look according to your profession is essential when arranging a virtual meeting. For example, you can opt for solid colors that neutralize your palette or small prints on light shades since the latter is very elegant and does not steal the spotlight.

If you wish for a more formal look, try putting on a jacket or shrug over a shirt which could be topped up with studs or simple pearl tops, then add sleek hair buns to complete your look apart from following the basic do’s and don’t’s while being on a virtual call.


Semi-formals are, in fact, very apt for virtual meetings. Pair your choice of semi-formal with a t-shirt and palazzo pants if you’re looking for something comfortable. Let your hair loose, add a dainty floral wristwatch or an equally delicate statement earring by pairing it up with a black coat, and you’re good to go!

Pair T-shirt and vest with joggers

A solid t-shirt and vest combination is a great way to preserve the formality and professionalism of your outfit. Great for meetings, video calls, and family events alike, this outfit will keep you warm while showing your best features.