6 Tips for Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgeon for You

The cosmetic surgeon you choose is a choice you will live with for years, if not your whole life. Therefore, to feel more confident, a successful procedure is vital. But, if you end up in the hands of a fake surgeon, it increases the chances of poor results. As a result, it leads to additional time, costs and heartache. So, if your procedure of choice is a Tummy Tuck, finding a board-certified surgeon with experience will help you get the results you desire. Here are tips for choosing the right cosmetic surgeon for you.

1. Make sure the cosmetic surgeon is board certified

Many surgeons advertise the procedures they perform in various ways. But do not depend on the state medical boards to know if they are certified or not. This is because the government does not require any surgeon to have specific training in the procedures they offer. The issue is acute in the area of cosmetic surgery. Most doctors with experience in general surgery hop on the cosmetic surgery bandwagon for greater profits. Fortunately, today there is a board exclusively for cosmetic surgeons that you can enquire if your surgeon is part of it.

2. Choose a surgeon with an aesthetic sense appealing to you 

You can not only rely on the cosmetics surgeon experience or friends’ recommendation as you choose your surgeon. Always look carefully at the results of every surgeon you interview. To determine the surgeons’ work, check the before and after photos of other patients. And choose the results that appeal to you. Check if they had patients with qualities similar to yours and pay close attention. Consider the facial, breast, and body procedures if they are the same as your own. In this way, you learn more about the surgeons work and any concerns you have. More importantly, look for consistency in the results of the surgeons’ patients and see if it is what you want to look after surgery.

3. Confirm surgeons experience in the surgical procedure you want

Every area of cosmetic surgery needs different skills. You can imagine how operating on the tummy comprised of soft tissues is different from on a nose with cartilage and breathing passages. For this reason, choose a surgeon who is board-certified and has experience in the procedure you are considering. Also, you can prepare some questions for your surgeon to learn more about them. Ask about their training, the number of years they have performed the procedure, and the number of times they have done the surgery you want.

4. Consider the customer service experience 

Customer service matters for you want to be sure you are treated and served well. Much of this is easy to tell with how you experience the customer service once you enter the door. Thus, consider certain things to help you determine the customer service experience you get. Check if the staff is helpful and friendly. Ask if the quote you get is all-inclusive and if they give you materials to help you prepare for the realities and risks of surgery and recovery. Plus, check if you receive a prompt reply when you contact the practice.

5. Pay attention to how you feel with the surgeon and the staff members 

In the path to your new look, there can be curves. So be comfortable with the surgeon and his support team. The surgeon you choose should make you feel safe and one you can trust. Some things to ask yourself are, do you like spending time with the surgeon you choose? Do you feel comfortable asking them questions you have through the process? Do you feel comfortable disclosing your medical history? Note, this is critical to your safety and much more?

6. Find out about the operating facility

How safe you are during the surgery depends on the anesthetists and the quality of the operating facility. Check if the operating rooms of the facilities are accredited and are ready in case anything goes wrong. So, enquire where they perform the surgery. And check the level of accreditation of the facility. Also, ask about the anesthetist’s qualifications who handles you professionally.