Collectors Guide: 5 Best Brands of Wristwatches to Invest In

For most people, watches are practical accessories that can add a touch of fashion or professionalism to clothing. However, if you are an experienced collector or you’re starting to think about investing in watches, you know that highly regarded collectibles can be a gold mine.

It can even be said that the ubiquitous screens and smartphones will only enhance our appreciation of classic watchmaking and its associated charm. Therefore, every luxury men’s watch is a personal representative of taste, identity, sport, class, and sophistication. Not to mention how the most expensive and most popular formal watches are designed with high-quality materials, gorgeous designs, and intricate micromechanics. If you appreciate wristwatches and would like to invest in some quality pieces, here are brands you should check out. 

1. Rolex 

When you talk about investment watches, Rolex is likely to come to mind. It is one of the best investment watch brands, and its watches have become a symbol of wealth and class, making its models in great demand. Therefore, Rolex watches can represent a considerable investment, although some designs are usually more valuable than others.

The company has created a variety of different watches, and it has been launching new models. Therefore, if you are looking for a watch worth investing in, you need to consider which watch to buy carefully. Thanks to its smart, durable, and sporty style, Submariner is one of the most popular styles.

Rolex is probably one of the oldest watch brands on the planet, and nowadays, their wristwatches are fast becoming a symbol of financial success, prestige, durability, and extreme accuracy. No matter what you are into, whether it’s golfing, racing, piloting an airplane, or just collecting watches, Rolex is, without a doubt, the perfect watch to complement your lifestyle. 

It is no secret that Rolex wristwatches are amongst the most prized watches in the industry, being a high-end luxury watch brand and being the epitome of precision. If you want to impress your date or boss at the office or want to dazzle your mates at the club, then this is the watch to buy.

One of the best things about Rolex’s collection of luxury watches is that they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, styles, and prices. If you want a simple and understated Rolex, there are cheap and straightforward watches from the brand available. But if you’re going to step up the glamour factor and add a little bling, then you should go for the Rolex stainless steel watches. 

2. Breitling 

Breitling is known for its aesthetically pleasing, technically accurate watches made using only genuine Swiss movements. Breitling has long been making high-quality, authentic watches. Breitling is known for manufacturing high-quality aviation watches and diving watches. Each watch is made with the best Swiss craftsmanship and is equipped with a B01 or B04 caliber movement.

Other standard features include a highly readable surface and a strict mechanical winding mechanism. The 2009 Breitling Chronomat was the company’s first watch made entirely in-house, and it is still a mid-range masterpiece to this day. Leon Breitling, the founder of the Breitling brand, is a skilled watchmaker who also makes innovative measuring tools. 

The innovative features he created for the watch earned him the reputation of a master craftsman, and in 1889, he obtained the first patent for a simplified pocket watch model. Since then, the brand has been creating watches that any collector will be happy to get. The Navitimer is probably the most well-known model of the brand. 

3. A. Lange & Sohne 

A Lange & Sohne watch was designed to appeal to a particular crowd, namely, those that enjoy wearing trendy watches with complications and a certain amount of bling. Beyond this, they also try to appeal to those who enjoy looking good but do not necessarily want to spend thousands of dollars on a wristwatch. 

When you buy a Lange & Sohne watch, you are getting an original piece of horology. This means that each of these watches is made by skilled craftsmen. This fact alone should convince you that these watches are among the best investment wristwatches you can purchase. Whether you are looking for a classic leather band style or one that is simply adorned with diamonds, there will be a Lange & Sohne watch that is exactly right for you. 

Lange & Söhne has been in the wristwatch game since the mid-nineteenth century. As such, its stellar clocks remain the quintessence of technical achievement. Except for some limited edition pieces, each A. Lange & Söhne clock runs on a great mechanical movement developed and assembled in the house.   They do not have all the power of Patek or Rolex when it comes to collectors; numbers, but they have passionate customers.

4. Panerai 

Panerai is one of the leading watch manufacturers in the world. The company is well known for its exquisite, affordable yet durable watches. This company is based out of Italy and is known for creating some of the finest wristwatches in the world. Giovanni Panerai opened his first watch shop in Florence in the 1860s and moved to the current Piazza San Giovanni in the early 1900s. In 1916, to meet the needs of the Royal Italian Navy, the brand had provided high-precision instruments for the brand. 

Panerai created Radiomir, a radio-based powder that can illuminate the dial of the aiming device. Many Panerai watches are produced in minimal quantities, so the demand is very high. It is believed that Panerai’s value will only increase over time, especially if you have access to one of their early pieces. 

5. Oris 

Oris watches are the ultimate luxury timepiece. Classic watches from eras gone by inspire some of their pieces. Best Oris Watches has a proven track record of being high-quality timepieces. They are designed, manufactured, and sold for serious collectors. All Oris timepieces are Swiss-made and made under high-quality standards. 

One of Oris’s watches commemorates the inspiring life of Carl Brashear, the first amputated African-American to become a diver of the US Navy. The chronograph dedicated to his memory is admired by wrist watch collectors and is highly valuable. 

In Conclusion 

Of course, regardless of your intentions, buying a new watch will make you feel overwhelmed. When you want to buy an investment watch that can preserve or even appreciate, you have to take extra precautions. So many other factors need to be considered, including the wristwatch brand, the features, where to get it, and more. To put your mind at ease, make sure to check out WatchShopping, the number one trusted online watch store!