6 Insider Tips For Planning A Stylish Wedding

Planning a wedding can be an exciting and stressful journey soon-to-be-wed couples go through, from finalizing the date of the big day to sorting the guest list, booking venues, and much more. It can be a little overwhelming, but it’s not impossible.

For one, some couples opt to hire professional wedding planners to help them manage and oversee their wedding plans. However, in some cases, the option of hiring a wedding planner can be off the table, especially when working with a tight planning budget. And as such, planning it by yourself could work too.

If you’re looking into how to plan your big day, here are some insider tips for planning a stylish wedding.

1. Give Yourself A Longer Timeline

Perhaps, one of the critical factors in successfully planning your stylish wedding is time. The longer time you have on your hands, the more flexibility you have. You are not rushed, and you don’t have the need to finish all things at once. So, allow ample time for you and your partner to prepare for the wedding.

For instance, you can aim for a year of preparation. This can give you generous time to accomplish each wedding milestone, such as picking out the perfect wedding dress, signing a contract with a caterer, collaborating with a florist, and more. Also, cramming all the preparations in a short period will only stress you out. This could also make way for adjustments in case problems arise.

2. Prepare A Wedding Budget

One of the essential things in planning a wedding is the budget. Your wedding budget will determine almost all the wedding decisions you’re about to make, so it would be best if this is the one you tackle first. If you and your partner are the ones who are footing all the expenses, you should both take a look at your finances. The costs of a wedding ceremony are usually high, so both of you should be prepared for the full scope of expenses.

Once you have obtained a magic number of what you’re going to spend, stick to it. A good tip to remember is not to forget to make at least a 10% allowance for some unexpected costs that will arise on the way.

3. Set Expectations And List Wedding Day Essentials

The next step is knowing what you and your partner want to happen on your wedding day. Sit down together and ask yourselves questions such as how you envision your stylish wedding to be. You can start by setting a theme or motif. And from there, finalizing aspects such as the wedding attire, color scheme, and reception details can be made easier.

Take the time to discuss other essential aspects too. However, at this stage, you don’t have to figure out everything yet, but an outline can certainly help. For instance, are you getting a band or a DJ? You can also talk about food and drink selection. This could also be the time to choose and agree on a Vancouver wedding videographer to capture and document your big day.

Having a clear vision of your wedding and having an outline of the essentials can help you stay focused and organized. And more so, help you be on track with your budget.

4. Be Organized

Organization is vital. When you plan something, whether it’s homework or a project with a deadline, making decisions or lists, being organized will help you deal with tasks more efficiently and productively. And in this case, it can help you plan and achieve the stylish wedding you’re dreaming of.

For instance, you can use spreadsheets for budgets and checklists for your priorities— as long as it’s all gathered in one place. Doing this can help you organize your thoughts, concerns, and budget and allow you to see the bigger picture for your big day.

5. Work On Your Guest List

Once you’ve already grasped the general idea of how big your wedding is or what it would look like, sorting out your guest list comes next. This can be a complex matter to discuss, considering you’ll be deciding between who will attend and who isn’t.

For instance, would it suffice to celebrate with a small group of people in your closest circle, or would you be willing to throw a once-in-a-lifetime celebration for all your family and friends? To help you with this, the budget and the wedding venue would have a considerable influence on your guest list.

6. Finalize Your Vision

Now that you have already envisioned the bigger picture of your dream wedding, it’s time to narrow it down to the specifics. This time, you can turn your outline into a more detailed list of how you want your wedding day to be.

For instance, for the theme, based on the mood board of wedding inspirations you found on the internet, you can list concrete actions and steps to achieve them. For music and entertainment, you can start shortlisting your options based on your budget and preference to help you find the best one to perform on your big day.

From the wedding essentials outline you prepared before, doing this step allows you to nail down every detail in an organized matter. That way, you can be assured that you don’t exceed your budget and you don’t miss out on anything important.

Wrapping Up

Planning a wedding can be draining and stressful. But with the right insights, it can be a wonderful experience a soon-to-be-wed couple can be part of. Furthermore, considering the tips mentioned in this article can send you off to a good start on planning a stylish wedding.